How to Build in Fortnite: The Complete Guide

How to Build in Fortnite

Wondering how to build in Fortnite like a pro? Keep reading to find out!

One of the things that keep Fortnite ahead of the competition in the Battle Royale genre is the ability to build traps and forts. Well, besides the cool skins that you can either get for free or buy using V-bucks, of course.

To become a real pro in this game, you have to do two things:

First, use the best Fortnite settings and make sure your ping is ideal;

And, second, learn how to build multiple structures skillfully and quickly so that you can gain an advantageous position against your rivals.

Best Fortnite Settings

Well, today’s your lucky day, as this is the best guide you can find when it comes to building in Fortnite!

This guide will detail all everything you need to know on how to build in Fortnite, so grab a cup of coffee and start reading!

How to Build in Fortnite: Different Materials Explained

Before we go into how to build in Fortnite, it’s important that we go over the main materials you will be gathering in the game.

In order to create a wall or any other kind of structure in this game, you have to acquire one or more of these three materials.

It’s not that hard to get these materials. All you have to do is to destroy certain objects, such as trees, vehicles, rocks, or brick structures, and you’ll get what you need.

You can also acquire them simply by looting, which can be done by opening chests or collecting fallen players’ dropped items.

The trick in building defensive buildings is to learn what kind of material is best for each situation.

For example, if someone is firing at you, you want to use strong materials. That’s because although wood is the quickest to use, it sure is easier to break, so it would be wiser to use stone or metal, especially if you’re in the final circle.

But if you’re in the early stages of the game and you’re constantly moving, it would only be a waste.

Using stone or metal could be fatal in a one-on-one fight because it would take longer to wall yourself in. So, it is recommended to use wood because it’s faster to build and replace.

To be able to build a stronger fort during the later stages of the game, it is recommended to use stone and metal materials, which will give you a better chance to easily kill your enemies as you get higher up.

However, you have to be careful and secure your base from high towers created by other players trying to breach your fort.

How to Build in Fortnite: The Basics

Whenever you want to start building, you have to go into the building mode by pressing Circle on PS4, B on Xbox One, or G if you’re on PC or Mac.

Once you’re inside the menu, you have to choose the building pieces, rotate each one of them, and use the right joystick (or mouse) to position them in the right spot.

Then all you have to do is press R2 on PS4, RT on Xbox One, or the left mouse button on PC/Mac, and your structure will be built.

While building, you don’t have to stand still. You must keep moving so you don’t get easily shot.

You’ll also be able to create traps as you find them by using (Square on PS4, X on Xbox One, T on Mac/PC), or modify your building by holding down the Building Mode Button. It may look hard at first glance, but with some practice, nothing is hard.

If you’re playing on PC, you can make the process of building a lot faster by using hotkeys.

Knowing how to build in Fortnite is not only about what you can build, but also how fast you can build it. This is why it’s important to become familiar with the building hotkeys.

Here’s a cool fact: you can set certain keys to certain structure types. All you have to do is go to the main menu.

At the top right corner, click on the menu icon, select the Settings cog icon then the Input tab. There you’ll be able to set your hotkeys.

Make sure that all the hotkeys are readily accessible, so it’s easier to memorize them and use them in the heat of battle.

How to Build Structures in Fortnite

Now that you’ve been introduced to the materials needed for buildings, we’ll move to the next step: building actual structures.

You can build any type of structure that your mind can come up with. However, it’s always good to know the basic types of structures that can get you started on this game.

Panic Wall

This is an excellent structure to use whenever you’re up against a skilled and fast enemy.

These walls are a great way to gain some time to reload, heal up, hide, or run away.

During combat, simply construct a standard wall.

Panic Ramp

As the name suggests, building ramps can give you the edge on the enemy by dropping on top of them.

You can also keep an eye on your opponent by moving up and down the ramp without being exposed to fire.

And if the enemy is far away from you, panic ramps will provide you with the additional height, therefore the perfect spot to snipe him down.

V-Shaped Ramp

It’s the same thing as the panic ramp. The only difference is that you have to add one more set of stairs to form the ‘V’ shape. This kind of ramp can be built binding two panic ramps opposite to each other.

The best place to construct them is on the top of a tower so that you have two sides where you can look for the opponents and snipe them.

Sniper Tower

If you make it to the final stages of the game, sniper towers would be the best way to finish off your opponents.

Building a sniper tower will give the upper hand on the battlefield. Considering that the best way to pick off the targets is by gaining height advantage, these towers are most certainly useful.

So, all you have to do is to build four standard walls around then you move up higher by creating stairs and keep doing that until you get your tower. And then finish it by adding a V-shaped ramp at the top.

You can also add a door in the bottom of the tower to lure your foes into a trap that you made and get an easy kill.

However, you have to keep in mind that you need to strengthen your building by using strong materials to minimize the risk of it being torn down.

Healing Room

Whether you consider yourself a decent player or a total newbie, healing rooms can be extremely helpful. So, it must become one of your reflexes to create a healing room for some emergencies like defending yourself from an ongoing attack or providing you with a safe place to heal up from an injury.

Healing rooms are easy to build. All you have to do is to create four standard walls around you and add a roof over the top.

You don’t become totally immune, but at least it buys you some time. And time is all that you need.

How to Build in Fortnite: Advanced Forts

As the game goes on, the playable area keeps shrinking. This is done so that players converge in one small area to keep the fun going. This is when knowing how to build in Fortnite becomes even more vital.

When you find yourself among the last few survivors, you’ll need to be able to build advanced and complex structures in order to survive.

One of the simplest things you can build is a tower. Just start building a basic ramp-in-a-box, just like what was mentioned in the last section. When you reach the top, add a platform while jumping so you can land above it.

Another thing you can do is build a funnel fort, which is a raised structure with ramps that point outward to give the structure its funnel shape.

When you’re down to the last few players, speed is what will separate you from the competition. Make sure that you practice building those structures so you don’t have any trouble building them in a high-stakes situation.

How to Use Traps and Other Objects

Being able to build structures is incredibly fun, but what’s even more amusing is adding objects and traps. These objects and traps are so easy to find, whether in dead players’ dropped items, loot chests, or supply drops.

So, in this section of the “how to build in Fortnite” guide, we’ll be addressing traps and other objects.


This is one of the rare items in this game, and it’s an amazing one. The launchpad helps you run away from an attack or a storm by using your Glider to fly away to a safer spot.

But you have to place it in open land, so you don’t bump into any trees or nearby buildings when launched.

However, once the pad is deployed, it can’t be moved, and other players can use it too, even your enemies.

So, to avoid being followed by your foes and getting killed, you have to be very careful where to place it.

Damage Trap

Damage Trap is another item that can be found in Fortnite. The game used to have three different kinds of traps: The Wall Zapper, Ceiling Zapper, and the Retractable Floor Spikes. However, the Damage Trap replaced all of them as it’s functionally very similar.

It’s usually placed indoors or closed places like inside the houses or forts, so whenever an enemy walks into these places, they will accidentally activate the trap and die.

However, skilled players use it in a different way. They surround their foes, corner them, then place the trap to ensure the enemy’s death.

Bouncer Trap

One other type of traps is the rare, infinite-use Bouncer Trap. Most players use it on themselves since it negates any fall damage so that they can fly away from the enemy. Even though there is no damage done directly to players who step on it, this trap can kill the opponent.

In fact, if you place it in a convenient spot, you can send your enemies straight towards a Damage Trap or get them high enough to get sniped.

You can be creative with this trap and perform some very stylish tricks.

Cozy Campfire

Another rare trap item is the Cozy Campfire, a one-use trap that players use to heal themselves or their teammates up. It helps restore 2HP per second for a period of 25 seconds.

Even if it doesn’t deal any damage to the opponent, it sure is very helpful, especially if you and your teammates are suffering from injuries. You can build a healing room and use it to save yourselves.

Keep in mind that this item is rare, and you have kept it as a safety net for later stages of the game when there is a big shortage in loot and healing items.

Check these funny Fortnite kills performed using traps:

How to Build in Fortnite: Extra Tips and Tricks

In the end, here are some extra tips that can guide you towards a better understanding of the building mechanism in Fortnite:

Building complex structures in the early stages of the game is nothing but a waste of time and materials as you’re constantly moving due to map shrinking.

Whenever you’re in the final stage of the game, and you’re trying to build your fort, make sure to reinforce the base with strong materials such as stone, metal, or bricks. Otherwise, your enemy will be able to demolish your building easily.

You can bring down an enemy fort if you want. All you have to do is to shoot the base, crash it, and the whole building will crumble in no time. The best way to do this is to use miniguns, which are easy to find like any other loot.

Building skills can be used as fighting skills and as a way to move around the terrain in a smoother and faster way. By simply using ramps, you can climb up mountains or go down cliffs.

The Platform is another tool that can help you move around on the map, create bridges, and link different structures to one another for enhancements’ sake.