Why and How to Do the Windmill Exercise

How to Do the Windmill

Are you looking for an ideal exercise to enhance your core? Does having a stable body and powerful glutes excite you more than ever? Then, reading this guide and learning how to do the Windmill exercise should become your instant moto.

What is the Windmill exercise?

Windmill exercise is an age-old popular choice of strongmen for years. It is a core strengthening exercise that looks way too cool but is difficult to master in reality.

If you are looking for an impactful workout that makes the bodywork as a whole, then there is no better option then the windmill exercises.

The classic kettlebell lift is excellent way to build a stronger torso as you brace your core. A few reps and switches will certainly go a long way in achieving your fitness goals.

You will also notice the difference when your capacity to hold weight will start improving on average.

All you have to work now is to know how to do the Windmill exercise.

How to do the Windmill exercise?

Windmill exercise is a treat for the eyes but too strenuous for the body.

Learn to master this stern and ever-watchful exercise by knowing exactly how to do the Windmill exercise with these plain sailing steps:

Step 1:

Form a standing position with the feet at a little more distance than the usual shoulder-width.

Don’t forget to turn your toes or feet straight into a 90-degree position. Direct your right hand to face the ceiling and let the other hand facing the floor.

Step 2:

Put the core to work by pushing the hips to face outwards to the right. Use the left hand to near your ankle as far as you can without causing too much strain in your left leg.

It’s important that you keep your left leg absolutely straight throughout the exercise. A slight bend can be allowed in the left leg to avoid strain on the knee.

Step 3:

Stay in the position for some time, and then force the body to return back up. Your core should make the most part of the exercise and so does your spine.

Step 4:

Repeat the reps and don’t forget to switch sides.

Usually, this exercise is done using a kettlebell or some kind of weight in one or both hands.

If you have the kettlebell then you are good to go. All you have to do is tie the kettlebell to the back of your right-hand wrist (low kettlebell windmill).

Don’t overdo the exercise if you are new. You will feel the sharp pain in your hamstrings the next day, so be really careful.

Types of Exercises to Do in Windmill:

You can do the windmill exercise with several exciting variations. Here are a few recommended exercises you can try right on:

  • The classic low kettlebell windmill exercise
  • Want more shoulder stability? Don’t have a kettlebell? Use the ever-trending dumbbell instead. This exercise is popularly known as the dumbbell windmill exercise.
  • Go the extra mile and do the double kettlebell windmill exercise. Except for holding one kettlebell facing the ceiling, hold one on the other hand facing perpendicular towards the floor as well. This makes it harder for you to return back up and builds more strength and stability.


Windmill exercise is classic stability and core strengthening exercise. You should add this all-powerful exercise to your daily exercise schedule and reap its immense health benefits.

Although the exercise can be hard to master, its torso benefits overpower the resistance to do it.

Lastly if you can then you should definitely try and learn How to Do the Windmill Exercise, for building a strong body posture.