How to Get Exercise Minutes on Apple Watch: Keeping Fit with Apple Watch

How to Get Exercise Minutes on Apple Watch

The Apple Activity app is a powerful tool when it comes to health and fitness. You can log your workouts on your iPhone or Apple watch using Apple’s activity app. This is a simple way to keep track of your activity when you are exercising. The main goal is to close your activity rings. Here is how to get exercise minutes on Apple watch.

Get Moving

In order for your exercise to qualify to be counted by the app, the exercise needs to be at least as intense as a brisk walk.

For people who use wheelchairs, the intensity of the exercise is measured by brisk pushes.

If any exercise you perform is below any of these measurements, then they will not count towards your exercise minutes, but they will count towards your move goals.

The Activity app uses arm motion and the accelerometer to measure movement. Therefore, when you are out walking, you need to let the arm with the Apple watch swing naturally.

If this is not possible, for instance, in a case where you are using both arms to push a stroller, then you need to use the Workout App.

The Workout app measures movement using your heart rate, accelerometer and GPS. It will accurately measure your movement. This will count towards your exercise minutes.

Calibrate Your Watch

For greater accuracy on the estimations made by the Activity App and Workout App, calibrate your watch.

Calibration will improve precision when it comes to your running or walking strides.

The App will also be able to learn your fitness level, stride length, distance and make calorie calculations. This is quite important when GPS is not available.

Update Your Personal Information

To calculate how much calories you have burned, the Apple app uses your age, height, gender and weight.

Therefore, make sure to update your personal information, so that your exercise minutes can be measured accurately.

Get a snug Fit

To get better readings, you need to wear a watch that fits you well. It should not be too tight or too loose.

When working out, ensure your Apple watch fits snugly over your wrist, but it should not be so tight such that it is uncomfortable, so that the sensors can work.

You can loosen it up after you finish exercising.

Choose the most suitable workout type on the app

In the Workout App, choose the workout type that best matches the kind of exercise you are doing.

For instance, if you are on the treadmill or walking in a mall, choose ‘Indoor walking’ option. If the exercise you are doing is not in the app, then choose ‘Other’ option.


The Apple Activity app does not just count any movement as exercise. Instead, it differentiates between movement and actual exercise.

The points discussed above will help you know how to get exercise minutes on Apple watch.