12 Ways On How To Make A Room Brighter Without Windows

How To Make A Room Brighter Without Windows

While windowless rooms aren’t unusual, they sure come with several downsides. First, the lack of windows means poor ventilation and it will be hard to keep the room bright. Nevertheless, there are many ways on how to make a room brighter without windows. Whether it’s your basement, study room, spare guest room, and whatnot, there are solutions to make it work without a hole in the wall.

In this post, I will share some tips to keep your windowless room bright by utilizing proper lighting together with other hacks.

.How to make a room brighter without windows

Are you struggling to keep your windowless room bright? If so, the following hacks might help you:

1.    Plan your lighting

First, you have to be smart when it comes to your lighting. Make sure to choose the right kind and location so as to maximize its illuminating power. Remember, where you place your lighting can make all the difference.


When it comes to the types of lighting, you have three primary options: accent, ambient, and task. You can layer all of these inside the room to create a vibrant feel that mimics the presence of natural light.

The key here is balance, which means you’re going to spread the lighting evenly. This way, one area of the room won’t be brighter than others.

Aside from one overhead light, you should also use lampshades on tables, floor lamps on corners, and scones on the walls. You can also use chandeliers to create a focal point in the room while boosting its brightness.

Additionally, think about the color of lights you want. Opt for ‘daylight’ or white light bulbs as this will give maximum brightness. You can also install yellow or mood lights to turn your room into a cozy dungeon.

2.    Install large mirrors


You can double the amount of light in your windowless room by simply installing large mirrors. The reflective property of mirrors will help make your room look brighter, not to mention that it will also make your place look spacious.

Feel free to use full-length pieces or a series of decorative ones all over your room. Just make sure that the mirrors are positioned in a way that will reflect light without causing an intense glare on your part.

Overall, mirrors are cheap solutions to make your room appear brighter even without a window. Still, make sure that you secure them well, especially if you have a small child around.

3.    Install art pieces

Bright art pieces can also complement the lighting in your room, so they will look more vibrant. Some even come up with art pieces that mimic a window view to reducing the claustrophobia-inducing vibe of the room.

Always choose paintings or artworks with light colors as these reflect light well. Aside from that, LED features and neon artworks are also excellent picks to boost the room’s lighting.

If you’re into the minimalist side of things, you can opt for one large painting instead. This will be the bright focal point of your room, which takes away people’s attention from the lack of windows.

Aside from that, you can choose paintings with bright scenery. This will add an outdoorsy vibe to your place, so it doesn’t feel suffocating or too small without the windows.

4.    Install a French door

If you don’t have a window on the wall, you can turn your door into one. French doors are a pair of large panels made with full-length glass or smaller panels. This allows light to pass through and enter the room. And for windowless rooms, French doors will let ambient light from other rooms or windows get in.

Worried that French doors won’t give you enough privacy?. Don’t worry you can always install curtains or blinds on the door. Overall, this is a great solution if you want to improve the lighting, ventilation, and sense of space of your room.

The next time you decide to remodel your house, consider adding French doors to your list. Aside from boosting lighting, it will also add a classy touch to your home.

5.    Paint your walls with light colors


One of the most effective ways to make a windowless room look vibrant is to paint it with light colors. You’ll never go wrong with the color white since it reflects the most light.

However, if white is too plain for you, feel free to explore cream colors. Any light shade would be fine since it will make your room look more breathable.

Aside from your walls, you should also consider painting the floor with light colors. If you have the extra bucks, investing in new flooring would be a great move.

But if you don’t want to make permanent changes to your walls, you can try wallpapers instead. You can easily remove these in case you change your mind later on.

6.    Get bright rugs

If you can’t do any changes to your floor for some reason, you can still make it look brighter with the use of rugs. Opt for light-colored rugs that will reflect light all over your room.

You can also choose natural-colored rugs made of jute or rattan. This will reflect light as cream-colored rugs, but it’s easier to clean and maintain. Aside from that, the rattan or jute material will add a boho vibe to your room. It’s both decorative and practical.

Moreover, you can use multiple rugs all over your room’s floor. Just make sure that they are easy to clean to save you from the hassle.

7.    Choose light-colored furniture

When purchasing furniture for your windowless room, commit to light-colored ones. It doesn’t necessarily have to be white; there are lots of other options to choose from.

Think cream, beige, baby blue, and so on. Anything that matches your motif without being too dark will work.

If you already have furniture in the room, try refurbishing it with a lighter paint color or lighter stain. You’ll be surprised by how much it can liven up your room.

Take note that no matter how much lighting you have, it can be sabotaged by dark-colored fixtures. Nevertheless, balance is the key here so your room doesn’t look bland either.

8.    Remodel with an internal window

If your room doesn’t have a window but the adjacent one has, you can come up with an internal window instead. This means that you’ll make a window that connects the two rooms, so you can share the natural light and ventilation.

However, this solution is only suitable if you don’t mind losing some level of privacy. Nevertheless, you can always use draperies and blinds to block the view from your window.

Take note that aside from lighting, an internal window can also be beneficial for heating and cooling. You no longer have to install a separate connection to the windowless room since the window will let the air in.

9.    Consider a high-gloss ceiling

Another hack you can consider is painting or covering your ceiling with a high gloss material. The reflective property of high gloss paint can help improve the brightness of your room without windows.

Still, this isn’t for everyone. It depends on your taste in design as well as maintenance as high gloss paint can be an eyesore once it’s filled with scratches.

10. Add some indoor plants


While plants won’t necessarily emit light, they will make your windowless room look brighter. You can also choose light-colored plants that will add a vibrant mood to your room. Aside from that, you can use decorative planters that match the motif you prefer.

However, growing indoor plants in a windowless room have its downsides. Since the room has less ventilation, the water in your plant’s soil may increase the risk of molds. In that case, always be careful and avoid overwatering your plants indoors.

Also, you should take your plants outdoors to get enough sunlight. This will also help dry out the excess moisture in the soil.

11. Opt for simple and clean lines

When decorating a windowless room, always use simple and clean lines. This means you should avoid clunky furniture as well as items with too many curves and details. Of course, this part depends on your preference, but it’s important to know that simple lines are easier in the eyes.

Aside from that, simple furniture will consume less space. It will also allow more light to spread throughout your room.

Also, be wise with your choice of furniture. Instead of getting a mahogany-colored TV stand, consider pale colors. You should also consider utilizing marbled sideboards or glass coffee tables.

Feel free to experiment with furniture to see what works best for your windowless room.

12. Add a metallic touch

Lastly, you can add a metallic touch to your room to reflect more light. You can add shiny things or opt for furniture with metal frames. Aside from reflecting light, this detail will also add a sophisticated vibe to your room.

Aside from that, you can consider metallic fittings made of brass, chrome, or silver. Combined with colored glass, this material looks aesthetic and chic.

However, if you can’t afford any of these, you can opt for LED filament light bulbs. The transparent glass casing will reflect more light and add a cozy mood to your room. Aside from that, it’s decorative, so it’s well worth the purchase.

If you’re going to use metal, make sure that you put it away from power sockets. Metals like steel and brass are conductors, which can cause electrocution if it gets in contact with a power source.

Final words

With ways on how to make a room brighter without windows, you no longer have to stick with dull and boring space. You can make your windowless room more vibrant with the right lighting, fixtures, and decorations that will make a big difference.

The good thing is that most of these solutions can be achieved at an affordable price. You’ll be surprised by how creativity can transform your room into your new favorite spot in the house.