Find Out How To Screen Record On HP Laptop

How To Screen Record On HP Laptop

Want to capture a live session for a cool new music-producing software? That’s all the rage these days. Better yet, why don’t you stream your recording on YouTube live as you show your viewers how to compose a catchy tune? That’s bound to get a ton of views!

Screen recorders are a necessity for any laptop. This is because of the monumental demand for live streaming ‘Let’s try’ videos and gameplay sessions. Who knew the simple act of recording the screen on your hp laptop would be such a big deal?

But if you’re new to this, you might be confused about what screen recorder to use and how to use it. Screen recording softwares come in all shapes and sizes. Some are inbuilt into your hp laptop, while others have to be downloaded from the internet. It’s up to you to decide which recorder you need for your content. So without further ado, here’s how to screen record on your hp laptop.

Default recorders vs Third-party recorders

Whether you’re recording instructional videos, coding sessions, or recording your gameplay for YouTube live streaming, you’re going to need a trustworthy screen recorder. Luckily for you, your HP Pavilion laptop will already come with a cool in-built screen recorder called the Xbox Gamebar. This software is free of cost and designed for gamers who want to live-stream their gameplay sessions. Don’t be confused with the name; although it says Xbox, the software is 100 % compatible with any windows game.

While the Xbox Gamebar is a great capture tool for your on-screen gaming activities, it does have its limitations. It doesn’t let you record two applications simultaneously, and neither does it screen record when you’re in the file explorer or desktop. So if you want to make an instructional video showcasing two softwares, you’re going to run into some issues.

If the game bar isn’t what you’re looking for, don’t worry; the internet is filled with excellent screen recorders that can suit your needs. The world has no shortage of screen recording softwares that are compatible with hp laptops. Read till the end to know more.

Windows 10, How to screen record with Xbox Gamebar

While using your Windows 10 hp laptop, simply open the start menu and search for ‘game bar’. This will activate the game bar pop-up on your laptop screen from where you can access its features. Alternatively, you can also open this pop-up by simply holding down the windows key and then pressing the G key.

Once the game bar app is turned on, you will see a ‘capture’ widget on the top left corner of your screen. Inside this widget will be a record button which will look like a circle. Click on the record button, and the software will automatically start recording your activities in whatever window you have open. This can be an app, a browser window, or a game.

Once the app starts recording, a small widget will pop up on the screen’s top right corner. This can be referred to as the recording widget and contains a red circle, symbolising that the session is being recorded. Right beside this circle will be a time stamp which will show you the duration of the current recording session. You can now continue with your game or app, and the game bar will keep capturing your laptop screen.

Once you are done with the video screen capture session, you can simply click on the square button to stop the recording. On the other hand, you could close the current app or game you are on, and the software will stop the recording session. The recorded session will then be saved on your computer as a video file which you can view. Now all you need to do is make some edits, cut out the parts you don’t want, and the video will be ready for Youtube.

If you’re a gamer, you definitely won’t have the time to search for the app in the start menu. After all, gaming is a fast-paced, high-intensity activity where anything can happen within a few seconds. Losing your focus even for a little while can result in you getting sniped by an opponent. Luckily for you, the Xbox game bar has got your back!

In order to boot up the game bar right away and start recording, all you have to do is use a simple shortcut method. Simply hold down the windows key and simultaneously press the Alt and R keys. This will not only boot up the software in the background but will automatically start recording your gameplay session. If you want to stop recording at any time, use the shortcut again, and the game bar will stop recording. Your session will then be saved on your computer as a video file that you can watch.

Windows 11, How to screen record with Xbox Gamebar

The Xbox Gamebar functions in Windows 11 the same way it does in Windows 10. Simply open the start menu, search the game bar to find the software, and boot it up. Alternatively, you could use the shortcut by holding down the Windows key and pressing the G key to activate the software.

Once you see the pop-up box, simply click on the record button, and the app will start the screen recording process. Click on the stop button to stop recording and store your session as a video file. Alternatively, you could close the current browser window, game or application you are in to stop the recorder.

If you want a faster method to start the screen capturing session, you might want to hold down the windows key and press the Alt and R keys simultaneously. This will skip the initial game bar pop-up stage and directly start recording your on-screen activities. Once you’re done with the session, use the shortcut again to stop recording and store the session as a video file.

As you can tell, the features and utilities of the Xbox game bar are virtually the same for Windows 10 and Windows 11. The software is compatible with both systems and can be accessed without issues. However, you might notice some teeny tiny differences between the windows 10 and 11 versions. While these differences aren’t significant and don’t alter your experience, they are still worth discussing.

Xbox Gamebar features; Difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions

Xbox Gamebar presents a ton of cool features and add-ons that go beyond simply recording your hp laptop screen. For example, did you know that this app can also capture screenshots? Although most of the features are similar for windows 10 and 11, a few differences are involved. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular features of the Xbox game bar and discuss how to use them.

Performance widget

Have you ever wanted to know how many frames your laptop can produce while gaming? What about how much RAM your laptop has to utilise to run a particular game? Well, you can now check these elements and more with the Xbox game bar performance widget.

As the name suggests, the performance widget helps you figure out exactly what it takes for your computer to run a particular game. You might find that your laptop struggles to run some games while being able to run others flawlessly. It all depends on the game requirements and whether or not your laptop can manage them.

The Xbox game bar performance widget shows how much your GPU or RAM is utilised. It will also show you the current fps rate and the amount of CPU usage the current game requires. You can use this widget to test drive a game and adjust graphics settings on the go.

Audio and music

Another cool feature of the game bar is that it lets you record audio from an external mic. This is pretty useful in case you want some entertaining commentary to go along with your videos. What’s more, it even lets you adjust the volume settings while you’re inside the app. No longer will you have to quit the game and restart it just to make a few audio adjustments.

If you are one of those people who like listening to music while gaming or using an app, you’ll be glad about this next feature. The game bar features a Spotify widget where you can play your favourite tracks as you game.

Recording past events

If you’re a gamer, you’re bound to run into some boss fights or make some super cool one-shot kills. But what if you didn’t have the recorder on while you were going through this priceless moment? Don’t worry; the Xbox game bar lets you record any immediate past events despite having the app switched off. This feature is called ‘background recording’ in windows 10 and ‘record what happened’ in windows 11.

No matter what version you’re using, this feature will effectively record the past 30 seconds that just went by on your screen. Alternatively, you can adjust the recorded duration from your settings and make it longer or shorter.

Third-party screen recording softwares

The native in-built Xbox Gamebar might be a great option if you’re a pro gamer, but it does have its limitations. For instance, it doesn’t let you record multiple apps, your desktop, or file explorer. This becomes a problem for people who want to create instructional videos using multiple softwares. Moreover, you could be making a ‘Let’s try’ video, which involves using the desktop and file explorer. The Xbox game bar won’t be a great option if that’s the case.

Luckily for you, there are other ways to record your on-screen activities without being limited to a single app. Microsoft PowerPoint has a great screen recorder feature that you can use free of cost. And it won’t automatically stop recording once you close a specific window or app either.

Open PowerPoint on your windows 10 or 11 Hp laptop and click on insert, then go to media. Click on the option that says ‘screen recording,’ and it will show you a prompt with a few options. Simple use the screen selection tool to draw a square on the screen where you want to record. Then click on the record option to start recording.

After your recording is done, you can find it on the PowerPoint presentation itself. Just right-click on it and select ‘save media as’, then choose a location for storage. Give it a file name, and you’re done!

How to screen record using OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a great tool which can create high-quality screen recordings on your hp laptop’s screen. It does involve some tinkering at the start, but it’s absolutely easy once you get the hang of it.

To start, download the tool and open it. This will prompt the software to boot up and show you the main page where you can see that a ‘scene’ has been added. If not, click on the plus icon below the scenes category to add a scene. Next, head over to the ‘sources’ box on the right and click on the plus icon. A menu will slide up, presenting you with a list of choices; simply click on ‘display capture.’

Clicking on the display capture will open a small dialogue box allowing you to create a new source. Click ok, which will open a new pop-up where you can choose a display monitor. Select the monitor you want and then click ok. Now, head over to the settings and check the ‘output’ section to tinker around with the aspects of the output video. Once you’re done with that, set a destination path from the recording path section, and you’re good to go.

You can now click on the ‘start recording’ option on the bottom right corner of your screen to begin the screen capturing process. The app will record whatever you do on screen regardless of whether you’re running an app or not. Stop the recording once you’re done, and find the video in your preset destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I screen record on an HP laptop?

A: You can screen record using the in-built Xbox Gamebar available for Windows 10 and later versions. Alternatively, you can use a third-party screen recording software such as OBS studio or the screen recording feature in Microsoft Powerpoint.

Q: How long can I screen record in Windows 10?

A: You can set the maximum duration for any recording in the Xbox Gamebar settings. By default, this option is set to 2 hours.

Q: How to record the screen on my laptop while playing a game?

A: You can do this with the Xbox Gamebar if you’re using Windows 10 or Windows 11. Hold down the windows key and press the Alt and R keys simultaneously to start recording. Use the shortcut again when you want to stop recording.

Q: How do I record the screen of my laptop using my own voice?

A: To do this, you will need to connect your laptop with a mic to record your voice. Once you have done that, click on the mic icon in your recording software to enable external audio recording.

Q: What are the best screen recorders for an HP laptop?

A: OBS Studio is a free screen recording software compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. Alternatively, you can use Bandicam to record the screen on your windows laptop or desktop.

Final words

With this how to Screen record on HP laptop guide, you would have now learnt to record for any purpose you may have. Whether it’s for a tutorial or gaming, these methods provide a myriad of options.

Overall, each method is designed differently and caters to a wide range of users. It depends on what works for you best. Just remember to use it responsibly.