How to Tell If A Louis Vuitton Bag Is Genuine In 3 Steps

How to Tell If A Louis Vuitton Bag Is Genuine In 3 Steps

What Is Louis Vuitton? The Iconic Fashion House

Louis Vuitton is a well-known French fashion house founded by Louis Vuitton in 1854. The LV monogram is famous for appearing on various products, including leather goods, footwear, accessories, watches, perfumes, jewelry, and even books.

Concerns about counterfeiting

LV is one of the most counterfeited brands in the fashion world, despite its prestige. The signature Monogram Canvas was designed to combat counterfeiting, but in 2004, counterfeit Louis Vuitton accessories accounted for 18% of all counterfeit accessories seized in the European Union.

The company actively combats counterfeiting, allocating roughly half of its communications budget and employing a team of lawyers and investigators to pursue offenders in courts around the world.

How to Tell If A Louis Vuitton Bag Is Genuine In 3 Steps

A luxury bag is a significant investment, and it’s critical to ensure that it’s authentic. Here are three steps that will assist you in authenticating your Louis Vuitton bag.

Step 1: Look for the “Made in” stamp.

A genuine Louis Vuitton bag will always bear the stamps “Louis Vuitton” and “Made in France” (or another country if it was manufactured elsewhere).

The stamp should be pressed directly into the bag’s leather and should have specific characteristics such as short legs on the bottom of the Ls, round Os that are larger than the Ls, close-together Ts, and thin, crisp lettering. Compare it to an authentic Louis Vuitton stamp image if you’re unsure how the stamp should look.

Step 2: Cross-reference the Date Code with the “Made in” Stamp.

A date code with two letters and a four-digit number can be found inside the bag near the top edge of the opening. The first two digits represent the week of the year, and the last two represent the year.

The letters indicate the location of the bag’s manufacturer. If the date code letters indicate a different country than the “Made in” stamp, the bag is most likely a forgery. Keep in mind that bags manufactured prior to 1980 will not have a date code, so this step will not assist you in authenticating a vintage bag.

Step 3: Look for LV logos that are upside down.

Look for upside-down LV logos on the back of your Louis Vuitton bag if it has the logo. Because the brand uses a single continuous strip of leather to make its bags, the logos should appear right-side up on the front and upside down on the back.

If the LV logos are not right-side up on both sides of the bag, or if the bag was not constructed from a single continuous strip, it is most likely fake.

Finally, by following these three steps, you can increase your chances of buying a genuine Louis Vuitton bag. Remember to look for the “Made in” stamp, the date code, and the LV logos to ensure that your purchase is authentic.