Yes, Macs Can Catch Viruses – Here’s How to Protect Yours

Mac Virus Cover

The Mac OS vs. Windows debate is older than humanity itself. Apple lovers’ main argument for getting a Mac rather than a PC has always been the fact that Windows has been known for its vulnerability to viruses and malware for years, whereas it’s rare to find a Mac virus …

Or is it?

Yes, a Mac Virus Is a Real Thing

If your main reason for spending your hard-earned money on a Mac device is that they aren’t as vulnerable to malware as Windows computers, think again. As it turns out, not only can Mac computers get struck with the same malware as Windows and Linux PCs, but they’re far more targeted by hackers than their rivals, and for good reason. After all, Apple has an ever-growing market share, so it’s only natural for hackers to take on the challenge of creating not one, but many types of Mac virus.

The harsh truth was revealed by a new report that was published by Malware Bytes, the world-renowned anti-malware software company. The report mentions that threats for Macs rose 400 percent over the last year alone, with 11 detection’s per computer spread throughout 2019, thus doubling the number of threats of other operating systems.

The report also mentions that threats for Macs came from unwanted adware and programs, unlike Windows threats, which included Trojan horses, spyware, and viruses. In other words, a Mac virus is more annoying than dangerous, but it can still be a serious nuisance nevertheless.

Immunity to malware and viruses has always been a major selling point for Mac devices, as it’s what makes Apple’s devices appealing to the average user that doesn’t have that much knowledge dealing with cyber threats. Mac sales may go down a notch because of this, but we’re yet to see the repercussions of the report.

How to Protect Your Device from Any Mac Virus

If you’re afraid of catching a Mac virus (pun intended), you might want to take some simple precautions that can keep your device safe from threats. These precautions include:

1.    Make Sure Your Mac Firewall Is Working Properly

  1. Head over to Settings, click on Security and Privacy and choose the Firewall tab.
  2. If the green light isn’t on, click on Turn On Firewall

2.    Use a VPN When Browsing the Net

Enabling a VPN while using a public WiFi network can go a long way in keeping your Mac safe from prying eyes. A VPN creates a secure tunnel between your Mac and the websites you visit. It encrypts your data while it’s being sent and received, thus protecting it from intruders.

3.    Never Click a Link from a Source You Don’t Trust

Hackers, more than not, use email messages to spread malware and any Mac Virus. If you get a suspicious email from someone you don’t know, don’t click any link in it until you verify the source.

4.    Make Use of XProtect to Eliminate Any Mac Virus

Xprotect scans any file you download, and if it detects any Mac virus, it sends a warning immediately. If you get such a warning, follow the instructions given by Xprotect.

5.    Keep Your Browser Up to Date

This is yet another simple step that can go a long way in keeping your device safe from any Mac virus. Keeping your browser up to date will ensure that you always have the necessary security features to keep you safe from cyber threats and malware.

Here are some extra tips that you can follow to keep your Mac as safe as possible: