Promoting A New Product Line With Carousel Posts

Promoting A New Product Line With Carousel Posts

Hey there everyone! Did you know that you can use a certain type of Instagram post to showcase more than one image? They’re called Carousel Posts, and in this lesson, we are going to show you how to use them to promote a new product line!

Creating A Carousel Post 

Start by tapping on the “plus” icon to add a new post.

Carousel posts allow you to add several images to a single post, and we recommend you to take your product pictures before creating a carousel post so you can select them from your gallery. 

In our case, we already uploaded our product pictures to our device, so we’re ready to continue.

To create a carousel post you’ll just have to tap on the “select multiple” option.

Then you’ll have to select the images that you are going to add to your carousel post by tapping on them in the gallery, and you’ll be able to add up to 10 pictures.

You can then tap on “next” to continue.

Now you’ll have to edit your carousel post images by selecting your filter, adjusting the “lux” settings, and then adjust the rest of the image settings.

You’ll have to do this one by one, once you edit your carousel post images you can tap on “next” to continue. 


Optimizing Your Carousel Post 

Awesome! Now it’s time to optimize your carousel post with a compelling caption, an actionable phrase with a strategically placed hashtag, a call-to-action instructing users to visit the storefront when they can purchase your products, and your targeted hashtags.

Start by adding a caption promoting your new product line. Now, you can add a spin to how you arrange the elements in your caption. 

In our example case, we are going to open our caption with a strategically placed hashtag to call awareness about our brand and our new product line, followed by a call to action telling users to click through the storefront URL in our profile if they want to purchase our new items.

Lastly, we are going to add our targeted hashtags at the end of the caption. 

Remember that you can additionally add a location to your post, tag people, and share your carousel post on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can then tap on “share” once you are ready to publish your carousel post.

Awesome! As you can see, carousel posts will allow you to show Instagram users more than one image in a single post, which they can easily check by swiping left on each image.

This is useful when you want to showcase product variations or a new product line. 

Adding Your Storefront URL To Your Profile 

Now it is time to add your product page URL in your bio. Start by adding a shortened product page URL to your Instagram profile. 

Go to “” on your browser and enter your product page URL in the “paste a link to shorten” field, then tap on “shorten”.

You can then tap on “copy” to copy your shortened product page URL. Now go to Instagram and tap on the “profile” icon located in the lower-right corner. 

Now tap on the “edit profile” option. Now double tap on the URL in the website field, erase that URL, and then paste your new shortened URL there. 

Now tap on the “done” icon. Now your profile visitors will be able to check your new product line and your product variations by following the call-to-action in your carousel post caption. 

Adding A Direct Product Page Link By Boosting Your Carousel Post

You can directly add a product page link to your carousel posts by creating a promotion. Start by tapping on the “promote” button in your carousel post. 

Next step, select “your website” as your destination. 

Select the URL in your profile as the destination, and then tap on “Done” to set up your audience, your budget, and your duration. 

Lastly, review your campaign settings, add a payment method, and then tap on “create promotion”. And that’ll be it!

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