Researching Profit-Generating Hashtags on Instagram

Researching Profit-Generating Hashtags on Instagram

Hey there everyone! If you’re working to become an Instagram marketing expert, you already know what hashtags are, and you also know that they’re essential to any Instagram marketing strategy designed to increase organic reach and awareness.

What you might not know is that the way hashtags are used changed;

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes hashtags that are relevant to the content in a post, and not whether the post is stuffed with niche hashtags.

So in this lesson, we are going to show you how you can research and find great hashtags, the right way.

 Using The “Search” Feature

The easiest and most effective way to do your hashtag research is by using the “search” feature. Start by tapping on the “search” icon located in the lower-left corner of the screen menu.

Here you will be able to find trending hashtags by content category, including “beauty”, “style”, and “music”, and to find targeted hashtags by using the autocomplete function.

 Finding Trending Hashtags

For example, when we tap on the “beauty” category, we can see what hashtags are trending on that specific category under “related hashtags”.

You can add some of the hashtags that are featured in this section to your posts to increase your reach.

Type down and save the ones that are most relevant to your content so you can later use them alongside your targeted hashtags.

 Finding Targeted Hashtags

 Once you’ve found relevant trending hashtags by category, you’ll have to find targeted hashtags that you can use to reach a much more targeted audience on Instagram.

Start by tapping on the “search” field on top, and then on the “tags” tab.

This option will allow you to find targeted hashtags with help from the autocomplete function.

It works when you type a niche keyword into the “search hashtags” field because it will show you a complete list of hashtags based on the keyword or term that you entered.

You can do targeted hashtag research in two steps: first, by using a general topic keyword in your niche to find what’s trending about that specific topic, and second, by using a much more targeted long-tail keyword to find the type of content that is generating the best engagement in your niche.

Let’s start by typing a general topic keyword in our niche into the “search hashtags” field.

As you can see, Instagram will generate an extensive list of hashtags containing that topic keyword, and each hashtag will have the number of posts that have included it.

There are two things that you can do with these hashtags.

First, you can type them down and save them on a hashtag list that is specific to certain types of content.

For example, in our case, we can type down and save the “#diabetestype2” hashtag on a list of hashtags that we are going to use ONLY on posts with content about “diabetes type 2”, or posts promoting products to treat “diabetes type  2”.

Second, you can follow a hashtag to stay up to date about the best content generated through that hashtag.

You’ll simply have to tap on a hashtag and then to tap on the “follow” button on the next screen.

You can also check the hashtag suggestions to find other topic hashtags that you can add to all your posts to increase reach.

In our example case, we can use the “#diabetesawareness” hashtag.

Let’s now look for hashtags using a long-tail niche keyword. Start by typing your long-tail keyword or search term in the “search hashtags” field.

You’ll see fewer hashtag suggestions because you’ll be using a term that is used by a very specific audience, so you have to select the hashtag suggestions with the highest engagement.

Type them down and save them on the list of hashtags that you’ll use on all your posts because niche hashtags will help you to reach users searching content with those keywords.

They will also increase brand recognition by helping users associate those specific keywords with your brand and your content.

Make sure to follow your new niche hashtags by tapping on them and then by tapping on the “follow button”.

 Additional Hashtag Research Tips

✓ Use hashtags that have been added to over 50,000 posts but no more than 1 million posts to ensure maximum qualified reach.

✓ You can find additional hashtags by going to your profile and tapping on the “following” option. Then tap on the “hashtags” tab and check the “suggestions” section below, where you’ll find hashtags that are relevant to your interests!

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