Take our “am I emotionally abused quiz” to get legit answers!

am I emotionally abused quiz

Emotional abuse can take place in various ways and in any place.

You can feel emotionally abused at home, work or even when you are out with friends.

Emotional abuse is a way of controlling another person through the use of emotions such as embarrassing the person, criticizing, shaming or other manipulative ways.

You should realize when you are emotionally abused. But truth be told, something emotional abuse can be so subtle that you won’t even see that it’s happening.

This is why it is important that you take this am I emotionally abused quiz and find out the real truth!

  • Question of

    During any group discussions, I feel?

    • I am the dumbest of all.
    • People will laugh at my views.
    • I am better than others
    • Confident of myself
  • Question of

    After every fight with my partner, I?

    • End up being sorry
    • Have to listen to verbal abuses
    • Wait for my partner to apologize
    • Sit and talk it out
  • Question of

    One thing you are insecure about?

    • My body
    • My finances
    • Nothing
    • Quite a few things
  • Question of

    People around you…?

    • Are smarter than you?
    • Make fun of you every time
    • They seem fearful of me
    • They seem to always have a good time with me
  • Question of

    Describe yourself in one word?

    • Insecure
    • Dumb
    • Smart
    • Happy
  • Question of

    What hurts you the most when you are with people?

    • When people think I am stupid
    • When people talk me down
    • When they don’t obey me
    • When they disagree with me
  • Question of

    What happens when you are at fault?

    • Get humiliated
    • Hear abusive words
    • People are trying to sabotage me
    • I genuinely apologize
  • Question of

    When my partner wants something from me, he/she?

    • Pesters me constantly
    • Starts threatening if he/she doesn’t get it
    • Makes sure I agree to it first
    • Politely asks me
  • Question of

    When no one is around, I?

    • Breakdown in tears
    • Question my self-esteem
    • Admire myself
    • Pamper myself
  • Question of

    Why do you think people are abusing you?

    • They are trying to mentally drain me
    • They pass disrespectful comments on me to make me feel bad
    • They call me manipulative sometimes
    • It was just a thought.