Time for Some Self-Discovery – Are You a Bad Person Quiz

Are you a bad person quiz

Why do some people hurt others – physically or emotionally?.

While some are empathetic and understanding, some can be selfish and downright hurtful.

Is this because some are nice and others are not?. Can you be both?

Take this Are you a bad person quiz to know more.

  • Question of

    When you get into a disagreement with somebody, you..?

    • Try to see where their opinions are coming from
    • Don’t care about their opinion
    • Keep explaining why you’re right and they’re wrong
    • Yell and scream till you’re proven right
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    If you find an unidentified wallet on the street, you will..?

    • Put up posters to let the owner find it
    • Leave it where you found it
    • Take it with you
    • Keep the money and leave the wallet
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    If someone forces their religious ideologies on you, you..?

    • Tell them politely you follow other religion
    • Walk away
    • Tell them to stop talking
    • Tell them your religion is the best
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    How often do you lie in a day?

    • I don’t
    • 1-5 times
    • 5-10 times
    • I don’t have a count because I lie too often
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    How often do you argue with your friends?

    • Very rarely
    • Depends on the topic
    • Yes, whenever they have a different opinion
    • I always look for an opportunity to pick an argument
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    Have you ever broken any law?

    • No, I didn’t.
    • Not yet but I want to, just for the thrill of it
    • Yes, I have
    • I loved breaking laws
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    When you see someone crying, what do you do?

    • Console them till they’re okay
    • Ask what happened and leave
    • Pat them
    • Ignore and walk away
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    Would you lie to make someone feel happy?

    • Why not? It’s how they feel matters
    • I would but tell them the truth eventually
    • If it benefits me, I will
    • No, I don’t care how they feel
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    If your child cried for attention, what would you do?

    • I’ll give them all my attention and make them happy
    • I’ll give them a toy to distract
    • I’ll scold them to stop crying
    • I’ll just leave them crying and do what I’m doing
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    Have you ever cheated on your partner?

    • Never ever!
    • No, but I have thought of it
    • Yes, I have
    • I have but I have no guilt