Quiz On Are You A Feminist?

are you a feminist quiz

Being a feminist can mean a lot of different things nowadays. Even though you might consider yourself one, certain beliefs that you have can mean otherwise.

Likewise, there are some people who do not consider themselves feminist, yet they’re more feminist than they think they are.

With all the different types of feminists today, it can be hard to find out whether your beliefs actually make you one of those feminists or none at all.

Take this are you a feminist quiz to know the truth!

  • Question of

    First things first, who is a feminist?

    • One who advocates equal rights for women.
    • One who works to improve the role of women in society.
    • One who uplifts women by bringing men down
    • I really don’t know. A feminist is a woman, I guess?
  • Question of

    You were denied a promotion at work despite passing all the criteria. Instead, a man (junior) gets the promotion instead of you. How do you react?

    • Raise my voice against injustice
    • Do my research. Raise my voice with proof
    • Go back home and cry over it
    • Leave the job/look for another job
  • Question of

    What are your takes on Abortion?

    • Pro-choice
    • Pro-life (except in certain situations)
    • I don’t support it
    • No opinion
  • Question of

    You’re washing your hands at the ladies’ washroom. Suddenly, a trans walks in. How do you react?

    • Say hello/ smile at them
    • Indifferent. Am I supposed to react to something?
    • I’ll be taken aback
    • Get out of the washroom immediately/or ask this person to leave
  • Question of

    Jennifer Lawrence was paid lesser than her male co-star. How do you feel about this?

    • Where are we living in? The 19th century?
    • That’s ridiculous! She should be paid equally.
    • Pfft! Who cares!
    • I’m not the one getting paid here. So, I don’t care!
  • Question of

    Should women dress the way they want?

    • Heck, yeah!
    • Yes
    • Yes (but depending on the occasion)
    • I could care less about that!
  • Question of

    Do you think men are superior to women?

    • No, we are equal.
    • Nope, even women are not superior to men
    • Mostly
    • Of course
  • Question of

    Are genders limited to just two?

    • Of course not!
    • Nope
    • Officially, only two
    • Yes
  • Question of

    What do you think about using words like feminist, gay, boy, special guy, sissy, lesbian, in a derogatory way?

    • Such people should be punished
    • Not acceptable
    • If it’s funny, then it’s fine
    • What’s wrong there?
  • Question of

    Are men allowed to feel vulnerable/sensitive?

    • Yes. And they shouldn’t be judged for it
    • Of course, they’re human beings, after all
    • Yes, but not in public
    • Never. Men aren’t weak!