What Kind of Girlfriend Am I Quiz? and Find Out Now!

What Kind of Girlfriend Am I Quiz

When you’re in a relationship, it’s only natural for you to wonder how good of a girlfriend you are.

After all, your expectations will depend on your performance and what you add to the relationship.

That said, before assessing your performance in your relationship, you must find out what kind of girlfriend you are.

Because, as you know, what kind of girlfriend you mainly depends on your personality.

So, if that’s something you want to discover, take this “what kind of girlfriend am I Quiz”.

  • Question of

    What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

    • My sense of humor
    • My intelligence
    • My confidence
    • My loyalty
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    How would your partner describe you?

    • Funny
    • Chic
    • Bossy
    • Creative
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    What’s your favorite romantic activity?

    • A romantic dinner at home
    • A romantic dinner at an expensive restaurant
    • Video game night so that I can beat him in every round
    • Robbing a bank together
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    What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend cheated on you?

    • I’d be super sad
    • I’d be super angry, but I’d probably let it slide if he takes me to dinner
    • He’d have to pay for it!
    • I’d probably just kill him
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    Where would you go on a vacation together?

    • Anywhere as long as I’m with him!
    • Paris, of course
    • I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t let him choose the destination, that’s for sure
    • An off-the-grid adventure in the west would be nice
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    What would be the perfect gift from your partner?

    • Pizza!
    • An expensive dress
    • A fancy watch
    • A kiss would be enough!
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    Who takes care of the finances in your relationship?

    • We do it together
    • Each of us takes care of their own finances
    • Me, of course. I’d be stupid to let him do it.
    • Does it really matter?
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    Your partner comes home with a body in a bag. What do you do?

    • I panic, obviously!
    • I call the police
    • I ask him what he did, then call the police
    • I help him get rid of it, of course
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    Your partner calls asking about what you planned for dinner. What’s your answer?

    • I ask him what he wants for dinner and start cooking it right away!
    • I make reservations and start getting dressed for a fancy dinner
    • What am I, his cook? He better gets his sorry butt home to cook something himself!
    • I ask him to pick some food on his way home
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    Your boyfriend doesn’t call all day long. What do you think?

    • I get super worried about him
    • I call him?
    • Nothing, I’m busy.
    • Nothing. I fully trust that he’s okay and not cheating on me.
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    What do you usually prepare for your boyfriend’s birthday?

    • I make him dinner! And lots of popcorn!
    • I make reservations at a fancy restaurant
    • I get him some nice presents
    • I take him out so we can watch the stars together!
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    Do you do your boyfriend’s laundry?

    • Sure
    • Nope, that’s gross
    • Nah, HE does MY laundry
    • Why not?
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    What would you do if your boyfriend started flirting with another girl?

    • I’d be sad, but I’d probably give him another chance to redeem himself.
    • I’d cause a scene, of course.
    • I’d break up with him. He doesn’t deserve me.
    • I’d kill both of them.
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    When do you know someone is serious about you?

    • When they start farting when I’m around
    • When they propose
    • When I decide they are?
    • When I ask them to kill someone, and they do it
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    Which of the following situations make you feel the most loved?

    • When he gives up a night out with the guys to stay home and cuddle with me
    • When he gives me a thoughtful gift?
    • When he tells me, he wants to be with me forever
    • When he tells me, he wants to be with me forever