Understand Yourself Better with Are You a Smart Shopper Quiz

Are you a smart shopper quiz

Everyone loves to shop. Some take pride in finding just the perfect things from the perfect spots.

However, some struggle to get everything within time and within a decided budget.

A little bit of smart thinking can go a long way?

Now, are you smart when it comes to shopping? Find out with the “Are you a smart shopper quiz.”

  • Question of

    Do you buy products from the buy one get one deals?

    • Yes, if the actual price is low
    • No, most deals are on low quality items
    • It would be stupid to not grab such deals
    • Depends on whether I need the items
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    If two items are sold for $100, would you buy one item for $75 or both at the discounted price?

    • I will buy just one
    • I won’t buy if I don’t need the product
    • I will buy both, what if the deal goes is off the rack tomorrow?
    • I will buy depending on the product
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    When buying an expensive product, which one of the following do you consider?

    • Discount or deals
    • I close my eyes and buy if it’s branded
    • I look for features and study the product
    • I end up buying the salesman’s recommendation
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    When there’s a product that is eco-friendlier but at a higher price, what do you do?

    • I buy the cheaper one
    • I buy what’s expensive
    • I buy the eco-friendly option
    • It depends on the item; I wouldn’t spend extra $ on a bamboo toothbrush
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    Do you shop at neighborhood stores where they offer membership rewards?

    • Yes, I do
    • No, I am loyal to my other dedicated store
    • Yes, only if the prices are not too high and rewards are more
    • Both places
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    If there’s a shoe for $50 but you saw another one in priced $30, which would you buy?

    • Of course, $30.
    • $50 for sure.
    • I will buy one now and another later.
    • I get indecisive and end up buying both
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    I get indecisive and end up buying both

    • 1-2 times a month
    • 3-4 times a month
    • Only when I need
    • Whenever I feel like lifting my mood
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    Do you buy everything that you like?

    • No, I can’t afford everything I like.
    • Yes, I buy whatever I like.
    • Depends on the items.
    • Sometimes I do.
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    Do you shop fast and leave or take time until you’re satisfied?

    • I shop fast and leave.
    • I ensure to check out everything
    • I shop at a medium pace
    • I enjoy slow shopping
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    How much do you spend at shopping?

    • Very little
    • A lot
    • I have a specific budget set aside for shopping
    • I end up spending too much sometimes