Have Some Fun With The What Kind Of A Shopper Are You Quiz

what kind of a shopper are you quiz

There are smart shoppers, there are fast shoppers. There are savvy shoppers, they are thoughtful shoppers.

Some shop just for fun. So, which category do you belong in?.

The way you shop can tell a lot about you.

Curious to know where you fit in? Take our “what kind of a shopper are you quiz” to know more about your style.

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    How many times in a month do you go shopping?

    • 6-7 times, shopping is my retail therapy
    • During special occasions only
    • I shop 1-2 times every month
    • Whenever I run out of stuff
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    Do you lie about your shopping habits?

    • Yes, most times
    • No, I don’t need to
    • Depends on who I’m telling
    • I don’t care if people judge me
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    When you walk into a store, what do you do?

    • Ask the sales persons to assist you
    • You like shopping without assistance
    • You get annoyed when they follow you
    • You ask for help when needed
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    When you have extra money how do you spend it?

    • I instantly shop what’s latest
    • I shop for my family
    • I spend it on my weekly grocery
    • I keep it for next shopping
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    Do you do online shopping during your free time?

    • Yes, every time.
    • I just browse.
    • I keep a set of things that I buy only online.
    • Only when I need something.
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    What kinds of ads do you mostly see on your social media feed?

    • Luxury clothing brand ads
    • All types of ads
    • Essential item brands
    • Home ware brands
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    Your idea of bad shopping experience is?

    • No trendy collection
    • No good deals
    • Items out of stock
    • Bad customer service
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    What do you do when the size you want is out of stock?

    • Insist the store to arrange it somehow
    • Buy one size larger and ask the tailor to fit it
    • Wait for the store to stock up
    • Buy something else
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    Do you shop on every vacation?

    • Yes, I end up buying so much that I need a new suitcase
    • I only buy a souvenir
    • If there’s a good deal I’ll buy
    • I don’t buy anything
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    When you see something at $100 but you have only $60, what do you do?

    • Use your credit card to buy it anyway
    • I wait for it to go on sale
    • Buy something cheaper online
    • I don’t buy it