How ready are you for Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday Quiz

Everyone has their way of coping with the chaos on Black Friday and is scared of Black Friday shoppers.

Being a holiday season, some may go on holiday shopping, Christmas shopping, or resort to online shopping and look for the best deals in the early black Friday deals section.

This Black Friday Quiz will help you determine if you are a professional shopper or just one of those crazy shoppers.

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    Do you know when best deals happen?

    • I know which stores have them and when to go to the store to get what I need.
    • I know only a few stores that have great deals from time to time
    • I shop online. I wouldn’t say I like large crowds
    • Is it related to Holiday shopping?
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    Do you know where isle pet food is?

    • Yes, it’s a must
    • I read the isles
    • I ask the shop attendant or my friends
    • I wander around until I find it
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    How often do you go shopping? Are you one of those Black Friday shoppers?

    • When there is a sale or I have coupons. Or it is a shopping holiday.
    • Only when I need to.
    • I prefer to shop online. The laptop is one of my best friends.
    • On holidays or whenever I need to replace something
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    Is Black Friday called a holiday?

    • Of course. The excitement of visiting every store in the morning
    • Sometimes. I was in recent years, but it lacks excitement.
    • I look around and grab what I think I need
    • I will go to the shop at the spur of the moment
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    Do you save up for items or wait for clearances? Do you enjoy Christmas shopping or a good shopping holiday?

    • I am waiting for a sale. That’s why it is called Black Friday.
    • I keep checking the dress maybe they will reduce the price
    • Saving is better
    • I will swipe for items I like
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    When is the best time to buy new clothes? Is it the busiest shopping day or Christmas?

    • Whenever there is a sale, and you have sold your old clothes
    • When there is a sale
    • Whenever you see clothes that you need
    • Whenever you want new clothes
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    What do you do with the money people give you? Do you do “Black Friday shopping?”

    • I put it in my savings account
    • I keep it for emergencies
    • Use some of it
    • Spend it on anything that catches my eye
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    Do you buy new things on vacations?

    • I budget for vacations to buy a few souvenirs. I search for great discounts.
    • Only if I can get it at a reduced price
    • Yes, if I have enough cash
    • Yes, a visa card always comes in handy
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    Does buy one get one free entice you to purchase an item?

    • Only if I know the previous price
    • It depends on what store it is
    • Sometimes
    • All the time
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    What do you do with old clothes?

    • Sell them
    • Look at their condition and have a sale
    • Sell to thrift stores
    • Donate the clothes