What Gift Should I Buy For My Girlfriend on Christmas? Quiz

Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend quiz

Is your girlfriend very particular when it comes to her taste? That’s great! But not as great for you! It makes it difficult for you to buy her a present that will match her expectations and suit her liking’s.

Having said that, this Christmas, you’re determined more than ever to find her a gift that would WOW her! And guess what, we’ll help do just that!

We only need you to answer these simple questions from our Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend quiz, and leave the rest to us!

Based on your honest answers, we’ll reveal the perfect Christmas gift for her that will make her beam with joy!

  • Question of

    What does your girlfriend feel about Christmas?

    • Time to spread joy and love with loved ones
    • Spoil each other with presents
    • Eat cake and rejoice
    • Cuddle and enjoy the weather
  • Question of

    How does she feel around this holiday?

    • Overly excited
    • Happy
    • Thrilled
    • Lazy
  • Question of

    How would you describe her?

    • Nerd (a cute one, though)
    • Sweet
    • Foodie
    • Warm
  • Question of

    How does she usually dress?

    • She’s very simple yet manages to look the most beautiful
    • She likes being trendy and stylish
    • She prioritizes comfort over anything
    • She dresses according to the occasion
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    What’s her hobby?

    • She spends most of her time reading
    • Styling up/putting on makeup/ shopping
    • She loves Cooking
    • Watching movies/ Netflix
  • Question of

    Does she wear jewelry? Does she have a favorite?

    • Yes, but very minimal.
    • She’s a collector when it comes to jewelry. I’ve never seen her neck bare!
    • Just her grandmother’s ring
    • Nope, she’s not a fan!
  • Question of

    What’s her favorite movie genre?

    • Drama/ Romance
    • Not really a movie fan
    • She hardly watches movies
    • Rom-com
  • Question of

    On a late Friday evening, you ask her out for a date. Where would she like to go?

    • Casual cafe
    • A luxurious roof-top restaurant
    • To the beach
    • To the movies
  • Question of

    She won a jackpot! What’s the first thing she does?

    • A library of her own, lol
    • Build her own shopping empire
    • Travel the world and try new food everywhere she lands
    • Build an in-house movie theatre
  • Question of

    Which animal would she like to have as a pet?

    • A puppy
    • Prefers none
    • Cat
    • Exotic bird