Childhood Trauma Quiz (Up To 99.99% Accurate)

Childhood Trauma Quiz

As with any childhood trauma quiz, our test is designed to help you understand the events during your childhood and whether you ever went through any such traumatic events. Many people walk through life without knowing that their childhood was probably wrong, but this quiz will help educate you on certain things that are unhealthy to endure as a child.

Many children and adults get the help they need due to the damage caused by the trauma they went through. But some face misfortune and don’t even realize, as children, they are dealing with challenging situations. While some are reluctant and remain in denial about their whole ordeal.

If a person starts therapy, most therapists like to understand how their childhood was before they start talking about their current life problems. It’s the way we are brought up that shapes the way we perceive our own selves and others. The distant memories of the past potentially lead to repetitions in the present or future.

People find themselves in tough situations like addiction problems or mental health issues relating to PTSD, anxiety, depression, and so on. If one is a substance abuser, this childhood trauma quiz will help them a great deal to understand what led them to such a rabbit hole.

We often emulate what we witness, and if, as a child, we were subjected to neglect and abuse, we might normalize that, and we might even put others through the same events. Understanding how certain traumatic occasions shaped our lives will help us learn how to deal with conflicts differently as adults.

You have comprehended the fact that your childhood does, in a way, affect how your personality is. So, how precisely do you know if you endured any trauma as a child? Well, our childhood trauma test does the job for you; you simply have run through a few questions. Take our ‘childhood trauma quiz’ to find out if your childhood was indeed a traumatic one or not.

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    Did a parent/other adults in your house often swear at you, humiliate, or insult you?

    • Yes, very often. They would constantly swear and humiliate me.
    • Sometimes. Honestly, it depended on their mood.
    • Not really. They used to joke around but never humiliate.
    • No. My parents were always caring and sensitive.
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    Have you ever been confronted by a household member in a certain way that may have put you in physical harm?

    • Yes. They would often get loud and physical.
    • Sometimes. But only when I get bad grades.
    • Not really. They rarely confronted me.
    • No. I have never been subjected to any physical harm.
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    Were you ever pushed, slapped, grabbed, or injured physically and left with marks?

    • Yes. I still have the scars with me.
    • I used to get grabbed, but I don’t have any scars.
    • I can’t remember, but I have unexplained scars on my body.
    • No such thing happened to me ever.
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    Did you have a large group of friends in school?

    • No, I was pretty much alone in class.
    • I had only one best friend.
    • Not really. I had a small circle of trusted friends.
    • Yes, I was popular.
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    Were you ever fondled/touched inappropriately by an adult older than you by at least 5 years?

    • Yes. It still gives me nightmares.
    • I feel like I can’t remember, although it may have happened.
    • Not really. Someone tried to, but I ran away.
    • I haven’t been touched inappropriately.
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    Have you ever felt like your family didn’t love you or you didn’t feel special?

    • Yes, I’ve never felt special nor loved.
    • It happened on certain occasions.
    • Not really. But my family has never treated me in a special way.
    • No, I have always felt loved and special.
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    Do you have a history of getting bullied by classmates in school, and was it physical or verbal?

    • Yes, I was bullied very often.
    • It happened for a short time.
    • Not really. I wasn’t bullied, but I wasn’t popular either.
    • No, everyone treated me like a friend.
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    Growing up, did you ever feel like your family didn’t support or stay close to each other?

    • Yes, there was always conflict in the house.
    • Occasionally when my parents would argue.
    • Not really. But there was no communication.
    • No. I had a very supportive and loving household.
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    How often did you feel like you weren’t eating enough and had to wear dirty clothes with no adult to protect you?

    • Very often. I used to sleep without food.
    • Moderately. There were times when I repeated dirty clothes.
    • Occasionally. But only because I felt lazy.
    • Never. I always had a good meal and food.
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    Did your parents ever neglect you when you needed them because of substances abuse?

    • Yes. I took care of them more.
    • Not really. Only one of them had substance issues.
    • Sometimes. But only when they were busy with work.
    • No. They never used substances
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    When you were severely sick, were you taken to a doctor immediately and treated with care and concern?

    • No. I mostly looked after myself.
    • It depended on how free they were.
    • Not really. I never told them I was sick.
    • Yes. They always took immediate action.
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    Did your parents get divorced or separated at any point in time?

    • Yes, they divorced when I was a child.
    • Not really. But, they took a mutual break once.
    • They never went through with it.
    • No. They never divorced/separated.
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    Were you ever physically abused, e.g., slapped, pushed, grabbed, or hit, by any of your parents (or step/foster parent) when you were a child?

    • Yes, I was frequently abused physically.
    • Sometimes when I disobeyed them.
    • They threatened to do so
    • No, I was never physically abused.
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    Did your parent(s) ever threaten to send you away to boarding schools?

    • Yes, quite frequently.
    • Only when I broke the rules.
    • Not really. But, they joked about giving me away.
    • No, I was never threatened in that manner.
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    During your childhood days, were you ever made to stay with someone that struggled with substance abuse?

    • Yes, I was exposed to it at a young age.
    • Once. But, it was only for a week.
    • Not really. But, I witnessed it around my neighborhood.
    • No, I never encountered such events.
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    Do your household members have a known history of any mental illnesses or attempted suicides?

    • Yes, my family has several members with mental health problems.
    • A member of my family has, but they’re under medication.
    • Not sure. My family doesn’t talk about it.
    • No, my family has a healthy mental health history.
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    Has anyone from your household ever gone to prison?

    • Yes, they have served time in prison.
    • Not really. But they were arrested for DUIs.
    • Not sure. No one talks about it.
    • No, they have never been arrested or served time.
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    How often were you mocked and discouraged by your parents/peers/adults in your life?

    • Very often. They never encouraged my interests and goals.
    • Moderately. Only when it didn’t fit their ideals.
    • Not really. They never mocked nor encouraged me.
    • Never. They always encouraged me and gave me everything.
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    Did you find yourself constantly being compared to others by your parent(s)?

    • Yes, a lot. They’d compare me to my friends and classmates.
    • Sometimes. They tell me I should work harder like so and so.
    • Not really.
    • No. They never compare me to anyone.
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    How often were you scared of making mistakes and getting punished by your parent(s)?

    • Too often. I felt like walking on eggshells in my own home.
    • Moderately. I was scared of making mistakes, but sometimes they’d understand.
    • Not really. They punished me for being naughty but not for making childish mistakes.
    • Never. I always made mistakes, but my parents would help me learn through them.