Signs Your Parents Don’t Love You Quiz

signs your parents don't love you quiz

Have you ever wondered about ‘signs your parents don’t love you quiz?’ but don’t get to see it through? Maybe the timing to take the quiz was not right, or you felt guilty about having such questions about your progenitors.

For most of us, parents are the primary caretakers during the most important stages in our lives – childhood and adolescence. The kind of interaction with our parents defines the trajectory of our emotional and mental health.

Several pieces of research show that parents play an invaluable role in shaping our personalities and interpersonal and social skills, among others. Words of affirmation and physical contact through hugging and kissing are some forms that parents show their love to their children.

Life satisfaction, overall happiness, and future success in adults are directly related to parental love, nurturing, and feeling of acceptance during the formative years. Acceptance and love from parents also develop children with high self-adequacy and self-esteem.

Social competence and positive peer interactions are also common in children that receive love from their parents. Children with attentive parents can also make better psychological adjustments and emotional regulation as adults. These skills and positive strategies are developed by observing the loving attitudes of the parents.

In addition, parents who showered their kids with love and positive encouragement while growing up also developed better academic excellence. These children who had a positive environment also showed better physical health and resistance to diseases.

Conversely, children whose parents are emotionally unavailable and controlling make them develop unhealthy behaviors. Parents who do not show a loving attitude towards their children also foster insensitive and paranoid personalities that require years of professional help to unlearn. A helpful tool such as signs your parents don’t love you quiz is a great way to find out if you have experienced negative vibes from a parent.

Rejection of a child from parents often manifests in outright negative behavior such as mocking, belittling, shouting, and cursing. Some parents go so far as to hitting and pinching their children without any reason or provocation. In addition, some parents use passive-aggressive behavior such as displaying resentment, impatient, irritability, and being antagonistic and impatient towards their children.

Children who experience a lack of attention from parents develop serious emotional and mental trauma that can determine their entire lives. Higher chances of falling prey to mental illness, such as depression and anxiety. Behavioral problems, delinquency, and getting into problems with authority are also higher in children who had no love from their parents.

Lack of parental love also manifests in the physical bodies of children. The likelihood of developing hypertension, alcoholism, coronary artery diseases, and duodenal cancer is also higher in children who wanted their parents’ love and attention and did not receive it. Problems with self-esteem and body image also stem from parental love deprivation during the formative years.

These positive and negative results based on how parents treat their kids are backed by science and are an ongoing study in the field of psychology. Try these signs your parents don’t love you quiz to find out if you’re feelings are true or not.

  • Question of

    Which statement best defines your relationship with your parents?

    • We share the same living space, nothing more
    • My parents are best defined as my progenitors
    • My parents provide financial support
    • I don’t even know if I have parents
  • Question of

    How do you generally feel around your parents?

    • Stressed and filled with anxiety
    • Like one of them is about to reprimand me
    • My heart is racing and panicky
    • Unheard, unvalued, and non-existent
  • Question of

    Is there a favorite child in the household?

    • I am an only child
    • Yes, and it is not me
    • My parents are equally annoyed by all the kids
    • One of the parents is the favorite of the other
  • Question of

    In your opinion, who are you to your parents?

    • I am just another decorative piece at home
    • I am often made to feel that I am unwanted
    • I am an unnecessary thing occupying the same living space
    • My parent told me clearly that I was a mistake
  • Question of

    Do you do your share of chores at home?

    • Yes, because it is my job
    • Only when I am asked to do it
    • I have been assigned chores for as long as I can remember
    • If I don’t do my chores, there are serious consequences
  • Question of

    How do you think your parents should express their love?

    • Like my grandma loves me.
    • I wish they don’t make me feel scared all the time
    • I dream of us being a happy family
    • Emotional support when I need it would be nice
  • Question of

    Do your parents stand up for you when you have issues with your peers?

    • They rarely stand up for me, even when I’m on the right
    • I am left to deal with my issues on my own
    • I usually get yelled at for being a troublemaker
    • There is a punishment waiting for me
  • Question of

    How often do you get into trouble?

    • Sometimes, but not big ones
    • I am too afraid to get into trouble.
    • All the time, and I pay serious consequences for it
    • My parents keep a hawk eye on me to allow any nuisance
  • Question of

    Do you feel your parents are reliable?

    • Only for financial support
    • My parents cannot be relied upon for anything
    • I don’t rely on my parents
    • I have always been on my own forever
  • Question of

    How interested are your parents in your hobbies?

    • Only when I do the things they like
    • Very rarely do they show interest
    • They don’t approve of anything that I like
    • They don’t care or show interest
  • Question of

    Do your parents fight?

    • They rarely fight, but when they do, it is bad
    • My parents rarely talk to each other
    • It’s a daily event at home
    • There are no fights but plenty of tension
  • Question of

    Why do your parents fight?

    • It’s usually about their issues.
    • I don’t even know what they keep fighting about
    • My parents don’t need a reason to fight
    • I am the reason they keep fighting
  • Question of

    What is your reaction when your parents fight?

    • Their fights make me fear for my safety
    • I feel that they might hurt each other and me
    • I am deeply disturbed by their fights
    • The fights are so often I don’t feel anything anymore
  • Question of

    Do you feel scared around your parents?

    • Rarely, because I usually stay locked in my room
    • I fear for my safety with my parents all the time
    • Only sometimes, when they fight or argue
    • I can’t wait to leave my parents’ home
  • Question of

    How do you feel your parents talk to you?

    • With short and curt sentences
    • They seem irritated with me when they talk to me.
    • There’s always sarcasm and disappointment in their words
    • My parents talk to me only when it is absolutely necessary
  • Question of

    What does your family do during a holiday?

    • We usually stay inside our hotel rooms
    • We go our separate ways and only travel together
    • We refrain from taking family holidays
    • I have never taken a family trip with my parents
  • Question of

    What is your parents’ reaction when you make a mistake?

    • They usually ignore it unless I break something expensive
    • I get yelled at for any type of mistakes
    • I get a verbal berating for my mistakes
    • My punishments are double my mistakes
  • Question of

    When often do your parents say they love you?

    • Sometimes, when were are with other people
    • I have to ask my parents if they love me
    • Rarely, but their words don’t seem sincere
    • I don’t remember my parents telling me they loved me
  • Question of

    Do you try to communicate your feelings with your parents?

    • Yes, I do my best to communicate my feelings
    • I try, but it doesn’t get through to them
    • I only speak to my parents when they are in a good mood, which is rare
    • No, it is impossible to talk to my parents
  • Question of

    Is your relationship with your parents affecting your life?

    • Not in a major way
    • My personal life is separate from my family
    • My parents’ attitude is affecting my life in a major way
    • My family dynamic is crippling my personal life