Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me Quiz? Find Out by Taking This Quiz!

does my boyfriend still love me quiz

Maybe you’re looking at this does my boyfriend still love me quiz because you’re genuinely unsure, or maybe you just want to confirm what you already know.

A relationship might seem perfect when it starts, but sometimes you’ll notice a big question mark dangling over your heads.

It’s happened to many couples. The spark is lost, and they’re left having to figure out whether or not they can get it back.

It’s sad, but it’s pretty normal. Some couples are lucky and will never have to experience it.

Let’s start the quiz and figure out if your boyfriend still loves you!

  • Question of

    What was the last gift he got you?

    • Something expensive
    • A nice box of chocolates
    • Some rather unfortunate looking flowers, but at least he tried
    • I don’t remember
  • Question of

    To make him give you a foot massage, you’d have to…

    • MAKE him? He offers
    • He’ll probably say yes anyway, but maybe offer to cook a nice meal to be sure
    • Reciprocate
    • He would never. He says he hates feet…
  • Question of

    Does he make an effort to spend time with you?

    • Yes, almost every day
    • Yes, he’ll make sure we do something just for us at least once a week
    • Occasionally
    • I always have to force him to spend time with me
  • Question of

    You ask him to hang out. His friends ask him to hang out. Who wins?

    • Me. Every time
    • I do usually
    • I do sometimes, but he can be less fun if he thinks he’s missing out
    • Them. Always!
  • Question of

    If you mention moving to the next step in your relationship, does he…

    • Get excited and seem happy to discuss it
    • Talk about it openly but says you should wait longer
    • Talk about it a little, but brush it off quickly
    • Clam up completely
  • Question of

    Does he ever cook for you?

    • Yes, often
    • Yes, when he has the time
    • Rarely
    • He’s never cooked for me
  • Question of

    He compliments you on how you look…

    • All the time
    • Quite often
    • When I make an extra effort
    • Never
  • Question of

    When’s the last time he took you on a date?

    • We’re on one right now. I should probably get off my phone…
    • A few days ago
    • He tries to take me out at least once a month
    • Like 5 years ago
  • Question of

    Does he make a big deal about your anniversary?

    • Yes, he took me away somewhere!
    • Yes, he took me out and got me a nice gift
    • He took me to a cheap restaurant
    • He didn’t remember
  • Question of

    Does he talk about his future?

    • Yes, and it’s always OUR future
    • Yes, occasionally, and he usually mentions me
    • Yes, but he doesn’t mention me
    • Never