Does My Girlfriend Still Love Me Quiz? Find Out Now!

does my girlfriend still love me quiz

You’re here looking at this does my girlfriend still love me quiz because, unfortunately, you’re no longer sure.

Or maybe you DO know, and you’re just here for a bit of fun.

Either way, we can help you answer the question!

Sometimes relationships go through rough patches, or people get a little complacent and the spark dims a little.

No relationship ever stays how it is in the first days of dating.

That’s hardly strange. Sometimes, though, there is a problem, and it’s good to figure it out as soon as possible.

Let’s start the quiz and find out if your girlfriend still loves you!.

  • Question of

    When you first wake up, she…

    • Says good morning and kisses you
    • Says good morning
    • Basically, just grunts
    • You’re not allowed to sleep in the same bed right now
  • Question of

    You want to go out with her, but so do her friends. Who wins?

    • You, of course
    • You most of the time
    • Usually, her friends
    • Always her friends
  • Question of

    When you say you love her, she…?

    • Says it right back
    • Gives you a kiss
    • Kind of hesitates
    • Gives a cold, blank stare
  • Question of

    You make her laugh…

    • All the time!
    • A fair amount
    • She’s laughing AT you, not with you
    • Never
  • Question of

    How often does she say you look nice?

    • A few times a day
    • Once every day or two
    • You’d like her to say it more
    • You’re starting to worry you’re ugly because she never says it
  • Question of

    You try and kiss her. Her response is…

    • To get into it and kiss you back
    • Some reciprocation, if she’s not busy
    • Not right now
    • Ew!
  • Question of

    Did she get you anything for Xmas?

    • Yeah, she knew exactly what you wanted without having to ask
    • She got you a nifty gift
    • A pretty nice card
    • Apparently, she forgot it was Christmas?
  • Question of

    You propose going on a holiday. She…

    • Can’t wait! She’s psyched!
    • Seems pretty excited
    • Thinks it’s probably too expensive
    • Says she’s already going somewhere with her friends
  • Question of

    You make a little mistake. How does she respond?

    • She reassures you and tells you it’s fine
    • She’s pretty blase about it
    • She gets a little annoyed
    • She responds with unbridled anger
  • Question of

    Does she ever surprise you?

    • All the time, in the best of ways
    • Occasionally, with a nice treat
    • Not really
    • Does moving her stuff back to her parent’s house without saying anything count?