Up To 100% Accurate Are You An Empath Test?

Empath Test

Empath is the noun used to describe someone empathetic. An empathetic person knows how to put themselves in the shoes of someone else and in this test we will discover whether you’re an empath.

They are the best when it comes to understanding people; therefore are great at making meaningful relationships.

However, if you score very high on this intuitive empath test, it probably means that you are very emotional and may turn out to be more of a burden than a boon. Highly empathic persons also are prone to addictions. So it is essential to maintain a balance when it comes to empathy.

Too little makes you seem like a cold and distant person, whereas too much can make you look overly dramatic. Take this physiological empath test/empath quiz to know which level of empathy you have.

  • Question of

    When you hear a sad story, what is your reaction?

    • I feel very emotional and even break down
    • I feel sad
    • I don’t feel sad, but I know the story is a sad one
    • I don’t feel anything
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    If your friend calls you for an emotional talk, but you have a lot of work to do, what is your reaction?

    • I will drop everything to be there for my friend.
    • I will listen to my friend and tell them to wait till I finish my work
    • I will finish my work first
    • I wouldn’t say I like being disturbed when I have work.
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    If you see an injured animal, what is your reaction?

    • I feel very saddened by it and try to help
    • I feel bad for the animal
    • I might call a friend who can help
    • I wouldn’t say I like animals
  • Question of

    Are you always tired?

    • All the time! It’s like I don’t sleep at all
    • Yes, but not always
    • I get enough sleep so that I don’t feel tired
    • I’m never tired unless I work excessively
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    Would you say that you like to please people?

    • Yes, definitely!
    • Yes, as long as I have the capabilities
    • Yes, but not all the time
    • No, I don’t feel like it’s necessary
  • Question of

    Do you bring them home or to the shelter to care for them if you see stray animals?

    • Yes. Or else I can’t go to sleep
    • Yes, I always make it a point to help them
    • No, but I call the shelter and direct them
    • No, I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility
  • Question of

    What kind of movies do you like to watch?

    • Emotional movies
    • Movies with a moral ending
    • Scifi
    • Murder Documentaries
  • Question of

    Is it easy for you to forgive other people for their mistakes?

    • Yes, I can’t hold a grudge
    • Yes, but it takes time
    • No, I always think of myself first
    • No, they did me wrong, so they don’t deserve my forgiveness.
  • Question of

    What is your reaction when you watch a sad movie?

    • I am always in tears!
    • I feed very moved by it
    • I wouldn’t say I like watching sad movies
    • I don’t feel anything
  • Question of

    Are you prone to a lot of mood swings?

    • Yes, it’s like I’m in a swing all the time.
    • Yes, but only on some days
    • No. I don’t get easily fazed
    • No. I’m always neutral.
  • Question of

    If you happen to hear a baby crying, what do you feel?

    • I feel like crying
    • I wonder what is wrong
    • I don’t think anything
    • I wouldn’t say I like too much noise
  • Question of

    Whenever someone says something, do you try to read between the lines?

    • All the time
    • I do analyze but try not to think too much
    • I don’t overthink
    • I don’t talk to people
  • Question of

    Do you have a strong gut instinct?

    • Yes, I do
    • Yes, almost always
    • Yes, but only when it comes to severe things
    • I like to think so
  • Question of

    Are you wary of how other people feel due to your actions?

    • I always put others’ feelings before my own
    • I am wary of my actions
    • I try not to hurt people deliberately
    • I don’t have a filter
  • Question of

    Which among these places would you instead go to?

    • Quiet lake
    • Outskirts ranch
    • A house party
    • A concert
  • Question of

    Do you like being in crowded places?

    • No, I feel suffocated
    • No, I would rather be in my room
    • No, but I don’t mind it
    • I am a social person
  • Question of

    Do you encourage your family and friends to share their problems with you?

    • Always
    • I always encourage sharing
    • I don’t talk about my feelings with my family
    • I wouldn’t say I like to talk about my feelings
  • Question of

    Do people come to you with their problems?

    • Yes, and I love to listen to their problems
    • Yes, and I try to understand them
    • Yes, but I can’t help them
    • No. I keep to myself.
  • Question of

    Has anyone ever told you that you are emotional?

    • Yes, everyone!
    • Some people have mentioned it
    • only my closest friends
    • No one has told me I’m emotional
  • Question of

    Is it easy for you to say no to others?

    • That is the hardest thing to do
    • I try to say yes as long as I am capable
    • No, but I stand my ground
    • No. I know what I want.