What Is Your Furry Persona? Find Out With The Fursona Quiz!

Fursona quiz

Are you mysterious? Are you magical? Do you know which Fursona you are? We all have different characteristics, and it keeps changing as we grow.

Your Fursona can change accordingly, too.

This is a furry replica online of who you are in the real world. Do you want to find out which Fursona you are?.

Then take this absolutely fun “Fursona quiz” to reveal more about your furry self.

  • Question of

    How often do you get invited to parties?

    • Almost every day
    • A few times every week
    • Once in a month
    • Once or twice a year
  • Question of

    How do you behave when you meet someone new?

    • Too comfortable, overshare and keep talking
    • Very confident, laugh and joke around
    • Smile and talk politely
    • Shy and quiet until they talk to you
  • Question of

    How many friends do you have?

    • More than 20
    • About 10-20
    • I have 10 friends
    • Only two
  • Question of

    Do you consider yourself an extrovert?

    • I cannot function without socializing
    • I guess I am, most of the time
    • Depends on who I’m with.
    • Oh no, being an extrovert is a nightmare
  • Question of

    What kind aura do you have?

    • I’m quite feminine
    • I have a strong masculine aura
    • I’m a mix of both masculine and feminine
    • I don’t know
  • Question of

    What type of music do you like?

    • Everyday all day pop
    • Alternative music is my fav
    • Country is my jam
    • Jazz is my vibe
  • Question of

    Which personality trait do you relate to?

    • Crazy and fun
    • Ambitious and adventurous
    • Kind and happy
    • Calm and mindful
  • Question of

    What do you get annoyed by the most?

    • When someone doesn’t show up for the party I’m throwing
    • When people don’t listen to my instructions and follow them
    • When someone behaves rude towards servers and waiters in restaurants
    • When someone forces me to go out and socialize
  • Question of

    What would your ideal profession be?

    • I dream of becoming the manager of a fashion store
    • I want to be the CEO of a company and be powerful
    • I would want to become a writer
    • I want to be a librarian
  • Question of

    What would you do if you won a $10,000 lottery?

    • Buy an expensive car for sure
    • Invest it in stocks and make more money
    • Buy gifts for my family
    • Spend it on my college education