Discover: Are you Holding Yourself Back Test?

Holding Yourself Back Test

Happiness is a pursuit that many people are after, and it is a typical driving force for many individuals who want to make a change in their lives and strive for better all-round living.

The society we live in today has set many unrealistic standards for the ideal life you’re supposed to live. The perfect spouse, the perfect home, and the ideal job- these are all instances where you are automatically made to think that you are not enough if you fall short, and if you feel the same then take this are you Holding Yourself Back Test.

These thoughts stick to many people from a very young age until we are old enough to make our own decisions. We tend to portray similar ideologies to our offspring without consciously being aware that we are repeating history.

The good news is that many people in the world today are standing up as advocates of change, and this keeps them moving towards a brighter future. The realization that your learnings can be unlearnt and that there are better ways to solve problems than the solutions you were once taught are all steps towards living a life that says “no holding back!”

Our minds are very powerful in dictating the kind of lives we live. Whether we move forward or backward in life is greatly determined by the type of attitude we have in life. Once you change your attitude for the better, you’ll live a much happier life.

The main thing to understand is your beliefs about yourself and the world is greatly affected by the people around you. Shed the negative thoughts lingering in your mind and create better scenarios that let you forget these past traumas that are holding you back from a better life.

Without further more delay let’s begin the Holding Yourself Back Test.

  • Question of

    Do you have a 5 year plan for your life?

    • Yes, of course. Who doesn’t?
    • I have my career mapped out, but I’m not sure about my personal life
    • I think I have a plan, but I don’t know if it will pan out as I want to
    • No idea. I’m just trying to flow with what life brings me
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    Are you able to say that you are exactly where you need to be right now in your life?

    • No. I still have my 5-year plans to achieve
    • Maybe I’m close but I do have some more work I need to put into my career
    • Taking just one day at a time
    • I would like to think so. As long as I am happy, I believe I won.
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    How would you say you cope with change?

    • It’s difficult for me.
    • It’s inevitable, but I wish it didn’t have to be
    • It’s not my strongest suit, but I know how to deal with change
    • Change is the only constant.
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    Are you actively living your life guided by your goals?

    • I’m focused on the bigger picture
    • Not really
    • I would like to think so
    • I do everything to reach my goals
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    Would you say your life is moving towards your goals?

    • That’s not even a question. I always do all I can do within my power to make sure I achieve my goals
    • I have it all mapped out.
    • I’m unsure of my goals right now
    • Just taking baby steps
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    Do you think there’s something in your life right now that is keeping you from reaching your potential?

    • I fear that I might fail after all the hard work
    • I have a lot of second thoughts
    • I’m not comfortable with changes in my plans
    • I only see my goals
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    Suppose you face an adverse situation. What is your ideal solution?

    • I wouldn’t say I like it when that happens
    • I would lose my mind
    • It affects my motivation but nothing too major
    • I stay calm and look for a solution
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    If you win an award, how do you react?

    • I’m happy
    • I appreciate the good things
    • I’m taking my friends out
    • I’m going to celebrate every little effort of mine.
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    How many hours would you dedicate in a day towards your goal?

    • 2-3 hours maximum
    • At least 5 hours
    • 7 hours sounds about right
    • Every day is a hustle. Every minute counts
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    Would you say that you are fiercely motivated?

    • I think I’m too lazy to work every day
    • I don’t like to spend so much time on just one thing
    • Yes, but not too much that I burn out
    • No pain, no gain is my motto
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    Suppose you hand in an assignment at school. Do you think about it again?

    • I’m always worried if I could’ve done more
    • I’m usually thinking if I could have done it better
    • Out of sight, out of mind
    • I know for a fact that I can actually do much better
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    Are you a social person?

    • I don’t particularly appreciate hanging out with people, especially outside where there are too many strangers.
    • I am not the most social person, but I don’t mind hanging out with a few of my closest friends.
    • Every weekend is time set aside for my friends
    • I am a social butterfly. You’ll see me gelling even with strangers.
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    Do you dwell in the past a lot?

    • Yes, I do
    • Maybe. But only sometimes
    • Of course. It made me who I am today
    • I only look forward
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    What is your self-talk like?

    • It’s mostly negative
    • My thoughts victimize me
    • I try not to think negative thoughts
    • I’m always looking for solutions to my problems
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    Are there any habits you would like to break about yourself?

    • So many, but I can’t seem to follow through
    • One or two, and I am currently working on them
    • Just give me a month. I’m sure I can be successful
    • I’ve broken more bad habits than I can think of right now
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    Would you say that you are in the pursuit of happiness?

    • I’m always looking for sustenance.
    • Not happiness per se, but some satisfaction.
    • Yes, every day
    • Happiness is my ultimate goal
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    Are you a stubborn person?

    • I am super stubborn
    • I can be. Some people have told me that I am
    • I try not to be stubborn about anything
    • Not really. I’m a free spirit.
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    Suppose you go through a terrible breakup. What’s your response?

    • I become defensive and protective
    • I blame myself for the most parts
    • I become sad but it doesn’t stay with me for too long
    • If the other person is happy, I am happy
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    Do you let past experiences make your future decisions?

    • Yes. I learn from my past.
    • I’ve been told I can be stuck in my ways sometimes
    • I always look to the future.
    • The past stays in the past.
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    Would you say that you are a vulnerable person?

    • I don’t want to be vulnerable.
    • I don’t trust easily, so I always have a way of being invulnerable
    • Depends on the situation
    • If I know someone well enough, I can be vulnerable with them.