How Old Am I? Take This Quiz To Find Your True Age!

How Old Am I Quiz

Have you ever met a 30-year-old with a mind of a 13-year-old? Sometimes, it can be really surprising how a person acts totally opposite of what’s expected of them!

Of course, that doesn’t mean we are defined solely by our biological age.

You could be old and grey but young at heart. Likewise, you could be sweet 16 but have an old soul.

So, which category do you belong to? Take this How Old Am I Quiz to find out how old your soul is!

  • Question of

    When you’re having a bad day, who do you confide in?

    • Mommy
    • Friends
    • Partner/spouse
    • Therapist
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    Imagine yourself having an argument with your sibling. What could be the argument about?

    • Probably over the TV remote/ WiFi
    • Being late from parties
    • Money management/Career talks
    • About the kids
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    What do you usually do on your weekends?

    • Scratching my head over school/college assignments
    • Go out/Party Hard/Sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays
    • Weekends are a time for relaxation
    • Family time
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    What’s the most painful experience in life so far?

    • Failing a class
    • Cheated in a relationship/by a friend
    • Loss of a job/promotion
    • Death of a loved one
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    What do you like doing with your friends?

    • Play charades/video games
    • Shopping/Chit-chatting
    • Go out for dinner/Vacations
    • Play board games/Discuss life in general
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    What’s your idea of a Vacation?

    • Fun, fun, fun and more fun!
    • Explore new places and opportunities to make new friends/ Maybe find a date
    • Break from office stress/ And of course, an opportunity to make new memories with friends and family
    • Great way to spend time with spouse/kids/grand-kids
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    Suppose you can dye your hair temporarily for a day; which color would you choose?

    • Rainbow
    • Pink/Neon green
    • Balayage/Blonde
    • Black
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    What do you look for in a romantic partner?

    • I’m too young to answer that
    • Good looks, height, cute
    • Honesty, loving, and caring
    • Comforting, supportive, and loyal
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    What’s your preferred movie genre?

    • Animation/Action
    • Rom-Com/Horror
    • Comedy/Thriller
    • Drama
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    What is your biggest concern in life currently?

    • Grades
    • Relationships
    • Making a career
    • My family’s well being
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    Here are some gift ideas. Which one would you like best?

    • The latest toy/video game/smartphone
    • Kitchen appliances
    • A coupon that pays off my monthly rent
    • Quality time with a loved one