Does He Love You? This Quiz Will Let You Know!

how to know if he loves you quiz

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell, so you’ve found this how to know if he loves you quiz in the hopes that it can answer your question.

Maybe it’s those quick glances.

Maybe it’s the way he smiles when you talk to him. Whatever it is, you’ve picked up on some signs and you think there’s something there.

Whether it’s early in your relationship, or even if it hasn’t begun yet, there is a way to work out if he loves you or not. It’s much more scientific than picking petals off a flower, we promise!

Let’s get the quiz started!

  • Question of

    Has he ever bought you a gift?

    • I’m showered with gifts!
    • He’s bought me a few nice things
    • I think there’s something in the works
    • He’s never bought me anything
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    Does he go out of his way to spend time with you?

    • He tries to spend all of his time with me
    • He spends a fair amount of his time with me
    • I have to ask him to
    • He doesn’t make the effort
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    Has he ever ditched his friends for you?

    • All I have to do is ask
    • He probably would
    • He might be willing to
    • He’s much more likely to ditch me
  • Question of

    Do you ever notice him looking at you?

    • All the time!
    • Sometimes
    • No
    • Yes, but it’s kind of creepy
  • Question of

    If you were to fall over, he would…

    • rush to my aid
    • help me up
    • laugh
    • I don’t think he would notice
  • Question of

    If you went to the movies together, he would…

    • Buy both our tickets and snacks
    • Buy my ticket for me
    • Think we should pay for our own stuff
    • Think I should pay, it was my idea…
  • Question of

    If you were to talk about another guy, what would he do?

    • Get super jealous
    • Get a little jealous, but mostly hide it
    • Not care much
    • Encourage me to go for it
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    Has he ever invited you to his place?

    • Yep 😉
    • Yes, we’ve hung out there
    • Not yet, but I think he might soon
    • He doesn’t want me there
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    Does he ever get deep with you?

    • He talks about his life, his future, and his problems
    • We’ve gotten deep once or twice
    • Not yet
    • He’s a totally closed book
  • Question of

    Does he SAY I love you?

    • It’s about the only thing he does say!
    • I feel like it’s on the tip of his tongue
    • Nope…
    • I don’t believe him! It sounds so fake!