How to know who I was in my past life?

How to know who I was in my past life

Many people believe in the possibility of a past life and that many of our present-day situations are a reflection of our past.

There are religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and others that strongly believe in life after death, but it is a topic that is highly debatable.

However, there are signs that many people have experienced that point out a connection to our past life.

How to know who I was in my past life? If your mind keeps popping this question then you can find the answers here by taking this short quiz.

  • Question of

    Your favorite holiday destination is?

    • Italy
    • Rome
    • India
    • Paris
  • Question of

    What kind of music do you listen to?

    • Jazz
    • Blue Grass
    • Rock
    • Pop
  • Question of

    Describe yourself in one word?

    • Gentle
    • Intelligent
    • Courageous
    • Funny
  • Question of

    Your friend’s bag just got robbed, what will you do?

    • Complain to the police
    • Console your friend
    • Chase after the thief
    • Ask people for help
  • Question of

    Your favorite color?

    • Blue
    • White
    • Black
    • Green
  • Question of

    Do you love to?

    • Travel
    • Read
    • Hike
    • Party
  • Question of

    Choose one of the cars below

    • Rolls Royce
    • Ford Mustang
    • GMC Hummer
    • Lamborghini
  • Question of

    How do you usually dress?

    • Anything luxurious
    • Keep it simple
    • Rugged jeans and a black T-shirt
    • Anything fashionable
  • Question of

    The natural element you connect with?

    • Earth
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Wind
  • Question of

    Which power will you choose?

    • To become invisible
    • To read people’s mind
    • To become like the hulk!
    • To be able to fly