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Patronus test

Patronus in the Harry Potter series is one of the most effective charms for defense. It is typically an animal or a bird that acts as the guardian for the people who cast the spell, and in this Patronus Test you’ll discover yours.

The spell used to call upon their Patronus is “Expecto Patronum.” Those who master this spell can cumin a magical creature of their choosing that comes out of their wand and protects them from enemies

To cast this spell successfully, you must think of happy core memory. Throughout the series, this spell is used by the show’s protagonists to launch dementors. Although the person casting the spell can envision their Patronus to be whatever they want it to, no one ever knows what shape or form it will take until the spell is successfully cast for the first time.

The fact that your Patronus spell can only truly take form when you think of a happy core memory shows that love is one of the main ingredients of this spell.

A feeling as strong as love is what can change and mold your Patronus into whatever it is supposed to be. Your life and experiences also influence your Patronus and the whole being, which is why you must activate a strong memory for this spell to work.

Throughout the series, love plays a significant role in setting off the chain of events that eventually end with the last book of The Harry Potter Saga. The beginning of this story starts with Harry Potter’s mother’s undying love for him, have to Harry the name “the boy who lived”

It is also said that your Patronus cannot change, so select your answers well in this Patronus Test. So if you got a doe the first time you cast the spell, it would be a doe forever. Nevertheless, two exceptions were noted in the whole series that changed their Patronus: Professor Severus Snape and Nymphadora Tonks.

Apart from them, no other character was recorded ever-changing their Patronus. Even for these instances, love seemed to be the factor that helped them change their Patronus, and if you want a different one then simply take this Patronus Test again.

Do you think yours will be a Phoenix-like Dumbledore or a stag like Happy Potter’s? Take this Patronus test to find out what will be your Patronus is a magical world.

  • Question of

    Which Hogwarts house do you want to be a part of?

    • Hufflepuff sounds like a fun house to be a part of
    • I could not care less about the houses
    • I would love to be with Harry Potter and his crew
    • I feel like I am more of a Slytherin
  • Question of

    What would you do if you caught someone cheating on one of the exams at Hogwarts?

    • I definitely won’t eat out with my friends. However, if it was one of my enemies, then for sure, I’m reporting.
    • It is not good to cheat, so I’m going to report it
    • I don’t have time to deal with cheaters
    • I’m probably the best cheater you will find
  • Question of

    Tell us your favorite wizard subject in school

    • I would love to learn more about herbology
    • I’m more into the history of magic and astronomy
    • Perhaps charms
    • Transfiguration sounds like a subject that is right up my alley
  • Question of

    What do you think you would use your Patronus for?

    • For protection like it was made to be
    • Probably try to learn more about it through a case study
    • Maybe I can master the spell and show it off to my friends
    • To spy on people
  • Question of

    Which among all the teaching staff do you like best?

    • Professor Filius Flitwick
    • No one does it like Professor Albus Dumbledore
    • I resonate with Professor Minerva McGonagall
    • My all-time favorite character since the first book was Professor Severus Snape.
  • Question of

    Which one of these spells from the Harry Potter series is your go-to?

    • I’ve heard Expelliarmus so many times; I think I can do this
    • I’ve always wanted to say Wingardium Leviosa the right way
    • Stupefy rolls off my tongue easily
    • Avada Kedavra is such a scary spell, but it’s the most powerful
  • Question of

    Which character resonates with your from the series?

    • I love the Harry Potter character.
    • I love the characters of Dumbledore and McGonagall
    • I would say that I renovate the most with Hermoine Granger
    • I am head over heels for the seemingly flawed characters like Severus Snape and Malloy
  • Question of

    If you are studying at Hogwarts, what do you think will be an honor you can get?

    • Probably the class clown.
    • I’ll probably main for becoming the captain of the quidditch team
    • I can see myself being made the Prefect
    • Head boy or head girl
  • Question of

    If you could choose your own Patronus, do you think you’ll go for a big one or a small one?

    • I think I’m okay with whatever it is as long as I can get my spell to work
    • I don’t care about size
    • I would let it be like a smaller one. Easier to control
    • The bigger, the better
  • Question of

    After graduating from Hogwarts, what is your go-to career option in the wizarding world?

    • I’ll go back to the muggle world and get a regular job
    • I think I would like to become a professional quidditch player
    • Make it full circle and become a professor at Hogwarts
    • Join the Ministry of magic and become a full-time employee
  • Question of

    What do your friends say about you?

    • My friends always tell me about friendly I am
    • I am an advice giver. Hence, I think they would say that I am wise
    • I’m a little reserved
    • Clever, obnoxious, witty, and all the above
  • Question of

    What is your ideal pet?

    • Anything is good as long as they’re not rodents
    • I want a quiet pet. Maybe a cat
    • The parrot sounds like a good companion
    • Anything easy to take care of
  • Question of

    What was your go-to transportation choice if you had to get to a place fast?

    • I would fly in a Broomstick for sure
    • I will take the chance to ride the Flying car
    • I’ll take the Knight bus
    • Nothing like Floo powder
  • Question of

    What family of animals do you want your patrons to be from?

    • Birds sound good
    • Mammals are an excellent choice for me
    • Doesn’t matter
    • Anything as long as they are big
  • Question of

    What do you think your professors at Hogwarts would feel about you?

    • Friendly and funny. Maybe they won’t take me seriously
    • I will probably be the teacher’s pet
    • I don’t think they’ll like me so much. Maybe they’ll find me annoying
    • It doesn’t matter so much for me
  • Question of

    What do you want to think of for your Patronus to appear in front of your eyes?

    • My friends and family
    • My hero in life
    • Myself and my achievements
    • A deep memory, regardless of whether it’s dark or good
  • Question of

    If you were recruited for the quidditch team, which position do you think you’ll play?

    • I think I’m the referee
    • I would like to be the chaser
    • I am the keeper for sure
    • I wouldn’t say I like playing quidditch
  • Question of

    Which character from the books would you say is one that you hate the most?

    • I’m not too fond of the character of Draco Malloy and his whole family
    • I am not a fan of the Weasley Family
    • I would like to kill Professor Umbridge asap
    • No one in particular
  • Question of

    Why are your thoughts on the students from Hufflepuff?

    • They are fun
    • I think they are too naïve
    • I feel like we could not be friends even if we tried
    • I’m not into making friends
  • Question of

    What is a rare magical creature you want as your partner when battling enemies?

    • Fairies are greatly underestimated
    • Fire breathing Dragons
    • A group of Troll
    • I prefer Dementors