Discover Which Harry Potter Character Are You Quiz

Which Harry Potter Character Are You

Which character from the iconic Harry Potter resonates most with you? Is it Harry, Draco, Hermoine, or perhaps, Voldemort? Or perhaps you like their outfits, their accessories, and their magical abilities?. This fun quiz, Which Harry Potter Character Are You, will give you the answers!

One of the top reasons why the Harry Potter series is such a hit with all readers of all ages is the characters. Every character in the book is delicately created and presented by the writer, JK Rowling. Some of the characters in the Harry Potter books have an inspiration from the author’s real-life, while others are pure fiction but nevertheless extraordinary.

The characters, as well as the overall theme of Harry Potter, contrast the good and the bad, the ordinary with the extraordinary. The narrative of the book also seamlessly blends the familiar with the exotic and romantic elements with realism. The children are a combination of ordinary students with difficult pasts and childhood, and others have the gift to morphe into other extraordinary creatures and so on.

The names of the Harry Potter characters also correspond perfectly with their personalities. For instance, Harry is one of the most common male baby names in Great Britain, right after Oscar. Despite his inherent skills as one of the most powerful young wizards, Harry maintains a relatable persona with his broken glasses and down-to-earth characteristics.

Other characters in the books and movies are portrayed in a similar manner, such as Lupin, who is a werewolf, and Malfoy, who is a difficult personality. Dementors directly represent the author’s struggle with depression and how it made her feel hollow and empty. Dumbledore, the character everyone loves, is an old English term for a bumblebee with an intense love for music.

A closer look at Harry Potter characters will reveal a lot more about them and how they inspire readers all over the world. Of course, none of the readers have transformed into child wizards or Voldemorts of the world. But the phenomenon of Harry Potter has inspired many writers to put out literary works, movies have been made, and festivals are celebrated.

Identifying your Harry Potter character is very important, whether it is their magical abilities or their personalities that speak to you. Harry and his friends inhabit a world full of mystery and challenges that need to be handled strategically.

Simultaneously, Hogwarts School and the general environment present lots of exciting opportunities that should be explored to the fullest. Of course, the kids at Hogwarts also have a lot of fun while they’re not fighting the dark forces at work.

This quiz on Which Harry Potter Character Are You will help you decide what strategies you need to handle a tough situation in the playground or school. Identifying your Harry Potter character will also help you remain cool and face any adversities with ease and calm.

  • Question of

    What do you feel and look like when you wake up in the morning?

    • I feel fine
    • I am already studying at my table by 7 am
    • I feel sleepy and groggy with a bit of a headache
    • I look and feel terrible until I get my caffeine shot
  • Question of

    What does your daily outfit look like

    • A graphic t-shirt with metal heads drawn all over it
    • Baggy sweat pants with something neat and sparkly on top
    • I wear whatever is clean, and I can put my hands-on
    • I like to dress up with nice clothes, impression matters
  • Question of

    What does your dream weekend look like?

    • Going on a dreamy romantic date with my partner
    • Staying home, wear something comfy and read a book
    • Getting my best buddies to hang out at the latest club
    • Sports, hiking, or anything that keeps me active and outdoors
  • Question of

    In your school yearbook, which is most likely to be written under your picture?

    • Most likely to be an artist or a musician
    • Most likely to be a headmaster or headmistress of a big school
    • Most likely to succeed in the entertainment industry
    • Most likely to be a professional athlete
  • Question of

    What is your personality like if you were to describe yourself to a friend?

    • Mysterious, I like to keep people guessing.
    • Engaging and interesting – but only with the people I choose
    • Introverted but very knowledgeable about a lot of topics
    • I like getting noticed, and so I shout when I have to
  • Question of

    Given a choice, which potion would you make?

    • Draught of Peace
    • Felix Felicis
    • Polyjuice Potion
    • Amortentia Potion
  • Question of

    Who is your ideal partner/ soul mate?

    • Someone who has similar likes/dislikes as you
    • You feel completely at ease with them and can share everything with them
    • Someone who motivates you to be your best self
    • They give you space and value your intelligence
  • Question of

    Imagine you are walking and seeing a cute cat; what do you do?

    • Try to pet it and hope that it doesn’t scratch you
    • Take a different route because you think the cat will jump on you
    • Snap a selfie with the cat and post it all over social media
    • Whip out your camera and film it from every angle
  • Question of

    If you could control the elements, what would your ideal day look like?

    • Cloudy with some drizzle, so you can stay indoors all-day
    • A stormy day with lots of thunder and lightning
    • A bright and crisp day for a picnic outside
    • A sunny summer day so you can top up your tan
  • Question of

    Which of the following deadly sins would you say is your biggest flaw?

    • I have difficulties managing my emotions, including anger
    • Sometimes I feel envious of others, including my friends
    • There’s no end to what I want as I am greedy
    • I feel overly proud sometimes, and I feel no guilt
  • Question of

    What do you imagine is the first thing that people notice about you?

    • My glasses and my quirky attitude
    • How I carry myself, and my good manners
    • My outfits because they are always eye-catching
    • The way I talk, I like making my thoughts known
  • Question of

    Your best friend accused you of betrayal; what is your reaction?

    • I sit them down and ask them for a full explanation
    • Talk to other friends and get to the bottom of the issue
    • Accuse them back; how dare you?
    • This is what I get for loyalty? Cut them off immediately.
  • Question of

    What is your first choice of a Horcrux if you had the power to make one?

    • Make my favorite childhood toy
    • All my favorite books from every genre
    • Turn my glasses into the most amazing ones ever
    • A shining piece of jewelry to flaunt
  • Question of

    A school friend told you a secret, what do you do?

    • Honor their request and take it to the grave with you
    • Tell your mom the secret and talk about it at length
    • Tell your best friend about it, and she won’t tell a soul
    • Blurt it out during lunch so everyone can hear it
  • Question of

    What is your idea of a perfect/ideal weekend?

    • Clean my room and catch up on schoolwork
    • Stay at home and bake cookies to give to others
    • Go to the mall and try out that outfit you’ve been eyeing at the window
    • Learn something new like rock climbing
  • Question of

    Who is your dream date for the Yule Ball?

    • I dread going to the ball altogether
    • My partner, of course
    • A cutie at school I’ve been crushing on for ages
    • A celebrity I contacted on social media
  • Question of

    Your best friend just got dumped; what is your reaction?

    • Hold them and cry with them
    • Give them a hug and say you’re there for them
    • Take them out for ice cream and a movie
    • Call their ex and give them a piece of your mind
  • Question of

    Which subject in school do you like best?

    • Maths, I like the magic of numbers
    • History, I like exploring places with my mind
    • English, I like the way I can manipulate words
    • Do I have to like a subject?
  • Question of

    Which genre of music appeals to your senses?

    • I don’t like any genre
    • Classical and anything calm and soothing
    • I don’t discriminate the genre of music I listen to
    • Anything that gets my feet moving is my favorite music
  • Question of

    Which words describe you perfectly?

    • Charming and determined
    • Loyal and brave
    • Clever and confident
    • Strong and manipulative