Becoming a Banker? Should I Major in Finance Quiz?

Should I Major in Finance Quiz

Deciding what you want to study in college is a challenge, especially if you’re not even sure what you want to do with your life yet.

Do you want to focus on making as much money as possible or do you want to follow your passion and do something that truly makes you happy? The options at your disposal are endless.

Finance is a popular major for people who want to work with money, and consequently, make money from that very work.

In today’s Should I Major in Finance Quiz, you’ll answer some questions that will help us determine whether or not finance would be a suitable major for you, so go ahead and get started!

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    How well do you manage your money?

    • I save my money and invest it when I should
    • I usually make good decisions but my judgement can sometimes get clouded
    • I think my money management skills are average
    • I’m terrible at dealing with money
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    When did you get your first bank account?

    • When I was a child
    • When I was a teenager
    • When I was an adult
    • I still don’t have a bank account
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    Do you know the difference between credit and debit?

    • Yes, and I can explain all of the details
    • I have a pretty good idea of the difference
    • I just know the functional differences but none of the theoretical reasons behind them
    • No, I don’t know the difference
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    How good is your credit score?

    • I have excellent credit
    • My credit is good
    • My credit is average
    • My credit is poor
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    What do you know about stockbrokers?

    • They tend to use advanced strategies like shorting and dollar-cost averaging to outpace the competition.
    • They trade stocks on exchanges like the NYSE and the TSX for a living.
    • They broker stocks?
    • I don’t know what they do
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    What is the Federal Reserve?

    • The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States, presided over by a chairman.
    • The Federal Reserve is responsible for printing the money that we use on a daily basis
    • I think the Federal Reserve is a bank or something
    • I have no idea
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    Did your parents teach you how to handle money?

    • My parents gave me all of their investment strategies and taught me how to handle money from a young age
    • My parents typically handled all of the finances, but they explained a few key details to me
    • My parents helped me open my first bank account
    • My parents never taught me how to manage money
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    You just got your paycheck; what do you do?

    • Deposit at least a third of it into my savings account, use some for expenses, and save the rest as spending money.
    • Handle my bills and put the rest into my checking account.
    • Pay rent and then go buy whatever I want.
    • Spend it all on expensive shoes
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    Are you interested in how money works?

    • It’s my purpose for existing
    • It seems like a pretty interesting concept
    • Not really
    • No, I just spend money, I don’t understand it
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    How good are your grades?

    • I have excellent grades
    • I have pretty decent grades
    • I have average grades
    • I have bad grades

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