Super Bowl History Quiz: Do You Consider Yourself the Ultimate Super Bowl Genius?

Super Bowl Trivia Stadium

What does America like? travelling, eating, and of course, playing the Super Bowl History Quiz!.

One can even call it the “Coachella” for all football fans.

When it’s game day, groups of friends and families gather around the big screen, and hoot for the match to begin.

That’s the scene in almost all American households when the Super Bowl is around.

So, after all these years of following the game, do you think you’ve got what it takes to be the Ultimate Super Bowl Genius?.

Find it out by taking our fun Super Bowl History Quiz!.

Or, before the game begins, you can even take this quiz with your friends to find out who the real Geek is!.

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    Let’s keep it easy-peasy for the first question. Which city hosted the most Super Bowl Games?

    • New Orleans
    • Miami
    • Atlanta
    • Houston
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    Who won the MVP title in the first-ever Super Bowl?

    • Len Dawson
    • Chuck Howley
    • Johnny Unitas
    • Bart Starr
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    Which two teams tied for the most Super Bowl wins?

    • The Patriots and Steelers
    • The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers
    • The Patriots and Denver Broncos
    • The Baltimore Ravens and Steelers
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    Which renowned jeweler makes the Lombardi Trophy?

    • Cartier
    • Tiffany
    • Buccellati
    • Van Cleef & Arpels
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    Which team has never played in the Super Bowl?

    • Green Bay
    • The Detroit Lions
    • New York Jets
    • Miami Dolphins
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    Which player has won the most Super Bowl rings?

    • Tom Brady
    • Kurt Warner
    • Joe Montana
    • Jerry Rice
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    In Super Bowl II, one particular player replaced the stay player, “Bart Starr.” Who was he?

    • Don Horn
    • John Roach
    • Scott Hunter
    • Zeke Bratkowski
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    After its commencement in 1967, which year saw no Super Bowl events?

    • 1999
    • None
    • 2000
    • 2015
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    Today, Super Bowl tickets are pretty expensive. Some cost even more than $3,000. How much did the tickets for the first-ever Super Bowl cost?

    • $100
    • $8
    • $24
    • $12
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    Which of the following is the first-ever Black quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

    • Russell Wilson
    • Doug Williams
    • Marlin Briscoe
    • Jason Elam
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    In the history of the Super Bowl, which player has kicked the longest field goal?

    • Steve Christie
    • Jason Elam
    • Tom Brady
    • Jeff Wilkins
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    Which artist sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl XVIII?

    • Billy Joel
    • Garth Brooks
    • Janet Jackson
    • Barry Manilow
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    Which National Football League star has never won a Super Bowl ring?

    • Lawrence Taylor
    • Jim Brown
    • Dan Marino
    • Joe Montana
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    The Super Bowl Halftime Show began in 1970. Which singer was the first to perform here?

    • Elton John
    • Carol Channing
    • Paul McCartney
    • Diana Ross
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    The highest score to be ever made by a team in a Super Bowl match is 55 points during the Super Bowl XXIV. Which team scored this?

    • The Patriots
    • San Francisco 49ers
    • Denver Broncos
    • The Steelers
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    At the Super Bowl XLVII, the game was interrupted for a total of 34 minutes. What was the cause?

    • Earthquake
    • Argument between the players
    • Rain
    • Power outage
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    In Super Bowl history, which player has scored the longest touchdown?

    • James Harrison
    • Deion Sanders
    • Jerry Rice
    • Muhsin Muhammad
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    Which two teams participated in the first-ever Super Bowl game?

    • Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs
    • The Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs
    • The Patriots and Buffalo Bills