Crush That List – What Bucket List Trip Should You Take Quiz

what bucket list trip should you take quiz

All of us have numerous bucket lists for various stages of our lives.

It’s quite natural to be confused when you are a wanderer who loves to travel and has a long list of places to visit.

Give us a chance to help you out here.

Take our “what bucket list trip should you take quiz” to know which trip will suit you the best.

  • Question of

    How do you like to travel?

    • I love road trips
    • I find flying the easiest and best
    • Cruising on a ship
    • Trains have the best views!
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    Which among the following entices you the most?

    • I’m in love with The Alps’ dreamy views
    • Asian countries and their culture amaze me
    • The Caribbean is so magical
    • Europe’s landscapes blow my mind
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    What scares you the least?

    • I don’t mind heights
    • I think I can survive earthquake
    • I’m a pro at swimming so water doesn’t scare me
    • Volcanoes are not that scary
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    Which activity do you wish you were doing right now?

    • Trekking in the jungles
    • Exploring ancient ruins
    • Deep diving in the sea
    • Getting lost in an art gallery
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    Which scenery make you excited the most?

    • Snow-capped mountains entice me
    • Tall buildings and lights of the city
    • Blue waters and white sand beach
    • A river and the sunset at distant
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    Which is color combination would you pick?

    • Green and white excite me
    • Red and yellow brings me memories
    • Blue and white makes me calm
    • Colors like black and brown define me
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    What do you do on those days when you’re not working?

    • Walk my dogs at a park
    • Enjoying a meal at a new restaurant
    • Get a spa
    • Read books at a library or go shopping
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    Which kind of accommodation do you always look forward to?

    • Camping in the woods
    • A luxurious resort or hotel
    • I don’t have a preference
    • I would love to rent an Airbnb.
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    What’s your favorite meal of the day?

    • Lunch time is my fav
    • I love dinners because I usually go out
    • I love snacking throughout the day
    • A good breakfast or brunch
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    Where would you rather go if all of these were happening at the same time in your city?

    • Go hiking with a group in the outskirts
    • Attend a painting session
    • Attend music festival with friends
    • Go to a book fair