Try This: Which US City Should You Visit This Winter Break Quiz

Which US city should you visit this winter break quiz

Winter break is a great time to travel.

The snow can be fun, and let’s not forget Christmas and New Year.

So, when it is finally that time of the year and you have your winter break you should plan your trip?.

Try this “Which US city should you visit this winter break quiz” to find out your ideal destination for this winter.

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    Which weather are you looking to experience this winter?

    • I want to go to a hot place
    • I want to fully experience winter in its glory with ice and snow
    • I think I would like something in between
    • Anything is fine for me as long as I’m traveling to a different place
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    Which type of activity do you see yourself doing most during this holiday?

    • Get tanned and chill in the beach
    • Go snowboarding and skiing
    • Go on a road trip
    • Do everything the place offers
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    Which type of food do you want to eat?

    • Italian cuisine is my go-to cuisine
    • Anything hot and spicy
    • Asian all the time
    • I want to try food that’s famous in the place of visit
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    What kind of holiday are you expecting?

    • One where I relax the whole time
    • One where I do lots of activities and blow off some steam
    • One where I explore a lot of places
    • One with both relaxation and fun
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    What kind of landscapes are you interested in seeing?

    • Endless views of the sea
    • Steep and snowcapped mountains
    • Desert kind of landscape
    • I want nature to surprise me
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    Who do you want to travel with?

    • A best friend or partner
    • With family
    • I like traveling solo
    • Like-minded people
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    What is the one thing you can’t leave behind while packing?

    • My skin care essentials
    • A dozen pair of socks
    • My film camera
    • Snacking box
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    What would you do to relax during evenings?

    • Party and only party
    • Sit by the fire and hum songs
    • Read my favorite book
    • Socialize with people I meet on the journey
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    Your ideal place to rest?

    • Beach shacks
    • A boutique hotel in the woods
    • Bed and breakfast
    • Camps or hostels
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    What would be the view outside your window?

    • Definitely the sea and sunrise
    • Whitewashed by snow till my eyes can see
    • People taking a walking on the desert
    • Trees, flowers, human beings and everything