What Hobby Should You Try Next Quiz?

what hobby should you try next quiz

Did you know? Having hobbies add more fun and meaning to your life!.

In fact, it even helps improve your health and may possibly lower the risk of having high blood pressure. How cool is that!

So, which hobby are you planning to take up next? Can’t decide?.

Answer a few questions below, and our what hobby should you try next quiz will help you find your ideal hobby!.

  • Question of

    How would you describe your personality?

    • Outgoing/Open to new challenges/Confident
    • Creative/Artistic/Jolly
    • Mature/Sensible/Calm/Nurturing
    • Adventurous/Fun/Passionate
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    You just arrived at your friend’s birthday party. What do you notice first?

    • What kind of music is playing
    • Wall art and décor pieces
    • Of course, my friends
    • I usually take a quick look at the venue and decorations
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    How would you like to spend your weekends?

    • Volunteering or learning a new skill
    • Watching cool videos on social media/visiting art galleries/ museums
    • Spend time with friends and family
    • Visit a new restaurant in town/beaches/picturesque places
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    You are invited to your colleague’s weekly dinner party. What do you bring along?

    • Décor pieces/ bouquet
    • Painting/ Hand-made crochets, baskets- anything cute and useful
    • My favorite book
    • Customized cup/cool instant cameras
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    You and your siblings are planning to throw a huge anniversary party for your parents. What task will you pick up?

    • I’m deciding the playlist for the party
    • Decorating the venue
    • Coming up with everybody’s emotional speech
    • Taking pictures of the entire event
  • Question of

    What kind of shows do you like to watch?

    • Musicals/ Theatre
    • Reality shows
    • Inspirational movies/ documentaries/ non-fiction
    • Comedy/ Lifestyle / Travel
  • Question of

    Here are some mega gift ideas. Which one would you prefer?

    • Vintage records of all your favorite artists and bands
    • Art pieces and paintings from renowned painters
    • A library of thousands of books (all genres)
    • Most expensive tablet/ DSLR
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    Suppose you’re going on a three-day camping trip. What would you like to take with you?

    • My guitar and iPod
    • My drawing tablet or even just a sketchbook- it would be great to draw amidst nature
    • My novels and books
    • Of course, my phone or a camera to capture memories
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    What do you usually like doing in your free time, when nobody’s around?

    • Singing maybe
    • Making DIY items
    • I’m mostly daydreaming or taking a nap, lol
    • Browse through travel vlogs and take inspo from social media
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    What’s one app that you frequently use on your phone?

    • Spotify or YouTube
    • Pinterest/ We Heart It/ Dribbble
    • Kindle/ Audible/ Wattpad
    • VSCO/ Snapseed/ Adobe Lightroom