Discover Are You a Savvy Shopper Quiz to know your style

Are you a savvy shopper quiz

Are you constantly scouring the internet to know more about products and places to help you shop better?.

Sometimes, you can find the best of the things in the weirdest or the most unlikely of the places.

It’s a special skill to identify such places.

Come, find out if you are a savvy shopper with this “Are you a savvy shopper quiz.”

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    How do you measure the success of your shopping?

    • By how many new designers I can add to my collection
    • By how many styles I can create pairing up the new clothes
    • When all the sizes are perfect
    • By how much money I saved
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    What do you do when you can’t find the size of the top that you really like?

    • Buy it because I’ll work out and lose weight soon
    • Try on the next size
    • Buy it. I can always return later.
    • I leave it.
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    What do you think of sales?

    • Waste of time
    • Only worth it if there’s something you like
    • They’re great
    • The only time I shop
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    How frequently do you shop?

    • Twice a week
    • Once every 2 months
    • When I feel the need to
    • Twice a year, summer and winter
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    When you end up spending more than you thought, how do you feel?

    • I love my wardrobe more now
    • It’s okay to treat myself sometimes
    • At least I saved more
    • I’m so guilty
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    When do you usually find out about sales?

    • I prefer paying full price
    • On the last day
    • A few days or a week before
    • I know before the sale starts
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    What do you do when you find out there’s a black-tie event happening next month?

    • Go shopping the next day
    • Start looking online for an inspiration
    • Wait till the week before to shop
    • Wear a dress you bought 2 years ago
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    One common thing that all your clothes have?

    • All are designer brands
    • 90% are bought from one place
    • All fit well
    • All are bargains
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    What do you do when the top you bought online doesn’t fit?

    • Keep it in case I fit in someday
    • Gift it to a friend
    • Exchange it
    • Of course, return it
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    What are most likely to buy if you got a gift card worth $500?

    • For sure a great pair of shoes
    • Lots of casual clothing
    • Buy clothes for upcoming season
    • Only a scarf and keep rest of the $