Discover: What kind of cat am I quiz?

what kind of cat am I quiz

Many individuals who are unfamiliar with cats believe that all cats are the same and never consider how breeds vary. We can assure you that nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are many misconceptions about cats because cats are one of the most misunderstood domesticated animals.

From their constant grooming to their picky habits about food, it is pretty easy to understand cats.

Take the what kind of cat am I quiz and find out what type of cat you are.

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    Do you like telling people what to do?

    • No, I let people do what they want.
    • People automatically ask me what to do
    • Sometimes I do
    • I will nag until someone listens to me
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    Which day of the week is your favorite?

    • Sunday, let’s get ready for the week
    • Saturday, time to relax. I am as chill as ever.
    • Friday, time to have fun
    • Thursday, the weekend is almost here
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    Do you love your co-workers?

    • Only If they stay away from me
    • I don’t love them
    • Love is too strong of a word
    • Yes, I adore them; they make life easier for me at work. I have the dream job and the dream co-workers.
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    How do you feel about going out with your feline friends?

    • Sure, I’m up for an adventure—the dream getaway.
    • Is it optional?
    • Will I be alone on the adventure?
    • I would love you to get me a travel buddy.
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    How do you stay warm in winter?

    • A warm blanket in an abandoned house
    • A cup of coffee
    • Crank the temperature up and get me in bed
    • Snuggled up with a loved one
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    Is your inner feline particular about the milk you drink?

    • Yes, I am. Exactly what kind of cat would I be?
    • I need to get the correct fat ratio in my milk
    • I’m not too fond of milk
    • I am just happy to have milk
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    What do loved ones tell you to change?

    • My smart mouth and I suppose my long hair
    • My pickiness
    • My aura
    • I have never been told to change anything
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    Which squad would you easily fit into?

    • The geeks
    • The popular kids
    • The jocks
    • I am easily amused and friends with everyone
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    Are you an early riser?

    • Early-bird, it’s a way of life.
    • Only if I need to
    • I would rather sleep in late
    • No, I am not
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    Do you like uninvited guests?

    • Well, nothing I can do if they are already there
    • Not really, and I have a hard time ignoring them.
    • I won’t answer the door
    • Sure, friends are always welcome
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    How does the perfect night look like for you?

    • I watch Netflix or a short video with edgy humor
    • I explore an abandoned house
    • I eat chocolate and give food to my cats
    • I enjoy a dream getaway with my best friend
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    Do you like cats that prefer to avoid hugs?

    • Yes, as long as they politely avoid
    • Yes, as long as they are low maintenance
    • Yes, they are laid back
    • No, I don’t think they like humans
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    Do you think your cat matches your personality?

    • Yes. All the times
    • Yes. When it wants food or if it tends to sleep all-day
    • No. I don’t think that’s possible
    • No sadly it doesn’t
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    Would you choose your naughty cat or other cats?

    • It is basically impossible not to prefer my super amazing cat
    • Why wouldn’t I pick my best friend?
    • I love all the animals.
    • My dogs. They are my favorite kind of animals.
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    What would you choose?

    • Athletic gear
    • Nice T-shirt
    • I prefer milk
    • Wear shoes
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    Do you often explore quizzes? Cat-related ones?

    • Yes. My friends also send trivia questions
    • I often start a quiz, but I don’t finish it
    • More quizzes? I don’t particularly appreciate playing quizzes
    • No. I do personality tests instead.
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    Exactly what kind of cat does your inner feline adore?

    • Fluffy goodness that enjoys quality time
    • The kind of cat that has the right meow
    • A British short hair for its physical appearance
    • A Russian blue would be a good company