Does my cat love me quiz? Discover The Answer Today

does my cat love me quiz

A cat is an enigmatic and full of energy pet at best.

Even though over 80 million cats are kept as pets in the United States alone, little do we know about the bond between a pet and a cat owner.

Have you as a cat owner ever wondered what is your relationship with your cat?

A scientific does my cat love me quiz is here to provide you with a definitive answer.

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    Does your furry friend run towards you as soon as you arrive in the same room?

    • Never
    • It just lays there
    • Sometimes
    • Every time
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    Does your kitty sleep near you or at least in the same room?

    • My cat stays away. There’s no sign of affection.
    • Occasionally, my cat sleeps next to me
    • At least once a day
    • Every night and day. It touches me with its paws.
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    How does your pet relax?

    • My cat likes to spend time with its feline friends
    • My cat doesn’t want to feel affection
    • My cat kisses me
    • My cat loves making biscuits and relaxing
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    How long does it take for your cat to begin humming as you approach?

    • Mostly, it growls
    • Not very often
    • Sometimes
    • A moment and it’s buzzing like a motorboat
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    Do you play with your feline friend?

    • No, because my cat attacks me.
    • My pet doesn’t play. My cat licks me
    • I try to! And it starts purring loudly
    • Every day!
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    How often do you have to change your cat’s litter box?

    • When it overflows
    • Once a week.
    • Every day
    • My cat uses the toilet.
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    How do you feel when your cat licks you, and it shows you the cat love?

    • I’m not too fond of it
    • Not a fan, but I don’t mind it as much
    • Once a day, it’s just fine
    • Purrfect. I wouldn’t want it to stop.
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    Do you think your feline friend loves other cats?

    • As long as the other cats are far away, it has positive feelings
    • Rarely
    • Only domestic cats
    • Every cat enjoys its licks
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    Does your pet give you “love bites”?

    • No – just authentic bites.
    • Nope
    • It licks me sometimes
    • Yes she does
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    To what extent does your kitty fawn over you, according to you?

    • My cat hates me
    • I think my cat shows the same emotions as me most of the time
    • My cat likes me a lot
    • According to its body language, I am my cat’s best friend.
    • According to its body language, I am my cat’s best friend.