What type of cheese would you be? Allow this quiz to show you.

what kind of cheese am I quiz

Cheese is a portion of delicious and adaptable food.

It isn’t easy to choose just one or a few favorites, but we have a favorite type of cheese. Did you know that the kind of cheese you prefer speaks a lot about you?

Think about that next time you eat cheese!

We’ll see which type of cheese best matches your personality in this what kind of cheese am I quiz

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    Where would you go on holiday?

    • Italy because I like to eat all kinds of delicious vegan pizza, with some sweet tomato sauce.
    • I would love to visit another country, to taste a new kind of cheese, maybe brie, in a rural cheese shop.
    • Turkey. I would love to discover their Bazar.
    • Paris. I would love to taste their grapes. That’s my idea of a perfect life.
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    Choose a dessert you want to sink your teeth into:

    • Cheese soufflés
    • Cheesecake
    • Cheese blintzes
    • Cheddar cookies
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    Pick a food:

    • Cheese pasta. I love cheese.
    • Sandwich
    • Pizza with cheese
    • Vegan Burger. That’s all I eat.
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    On a starry summer night, you would prefer to:

    • Eat cheese
    • Eat a delicious pizza with cheddar cheese
    • Answer more quizzes
    • Enjoy life
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    At a party you are:

    • Talks about sports with friends
    • Constantly making jokes. You’re that friend
    • Chatting with everyone around
    • I prefer to enjoy my food and observe everyone
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    Select a drink:

    • Fresh energy drink
    • Sweet lime
    • Orange Juice
    • Chocolate Milk
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    What’s your style:

    • Artsy
    • Flirt and fun
    • Whatever trendy
    • Conservative but cute
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    What’s your dream pet?

    • Horse
    • Cat
    • Dog
    • Parrot
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    Words that describe your personality perfectly:

    • Complex like this cheese quiz
    • Fun
    • Flavorful like a new world of cheeses.
    • Simple
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    You tend to keep things:

    • Tough
    • Fun and easy
    • Unpredictable
    • Down to earth