Discover: What Kind Of Cake Are You Quiz?

What kind of cake are you quiz

Do your friends always tell you how delicious you’re?

Are you a birthday cake, a cheesecake, or one with sprinkles

Does your sweet personality reflect your favorite kind of cake?

Answer this What kind of cake are you quiz and find out the real answer for yourself?.


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    Do you prefer a plain plate with a solid color?

    • What’s on the plate matters most
    • A solid color never hurts anyone.
    • A plate must represent an aesthetic that people will remember
    • As long as the dish is intact, the rest doesn’t matter
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    Are you a messy eater?

    • I guess sometimes a crumb can fall on the table
    • I eat all my crumbs
    • Never I am very particular about how I eat
    • I never drop crumbs on the table or floor
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    Do you consume from your friends’ plates?

    • Unless invited to, I never.
    • Only when tasting something
    • No, instead order that the next time I eat
    • From time to time. If it’s something sweet.
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    What do you think that people should eat for breakfast?

    • A healthy bar
    • Cereal
    • A well-balanced meal with a bit of beat of everything
    • Grab fruit and keep it moving
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    What food are you likely to carry to a dinner?

    • Baked Pizza
    • Home Made Vegetable
    • Salads; it’s what people expect from me
    • I will ask what they would like
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    When do you think people should eat dessert? A sponge cake would be lovely.

    • Whenever they want to, regardless of what time it is
    • Not more than twice a week
    • Every day if it looks good. Or it has your favorite flavor.
    • Opt for a healthy dessert; then, you can eat it every day.
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    Is it a good idea to surprise you with a planned trip?

    • Only if planned to cater to my needs
    • Yes, especially if I will get to relax
    • All expenses paid, yes, please
    • You may need to tell me a day in advance, so I am prepared.
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    How do you like your coffee?

    • Black coffee with no sugar
    • Some milk and sugar
    • Let’s make it fancy add some vanilla and some foam
    • Black with sugar
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    What’s your menu for a get-together with your friends looking like?

    • Banana with chocolate on it
    • Let’s order veg burgers and pizza
    • The vegans food
    • Ask everyone to bring something to make it easier for me.
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    What is your favorite food? Maybe cream cheese?

    • A good baked vegan pizza
    • Fried Vegan Food
    • Pancakes
    • Vegan Burger