Take This Quiz To Find Out What Your Boyfriend Wants For Christmas

What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas Quiz

Buying gifts for your near and dear ones on Christmas can seem like a challenge! The choices could be endless.

The challenge seems bigger when it comes to gifting that special guy in your life.

But when you have us, you need not worry! Whether or not your boyfriend is throwing any hints your way, you can easily find out what’s the best gift for your boyfriend.

How? By taking this accurate What To Get Your Boyfriend For Christmas Quiz.

  • Question of

    What’s your current relationship status with your boyfriend?

    • Living together
    • We’re dating for several months/over a year
    • Recently started dating
    • We look forward to getting married someday
  • Question of

    Have you ever bought something for him? If yes, what was the gift that made him the happiest?

    • Surprised him with a ticket to a nearby city. He was thrilled!
    • He’s always happy when I buy him food. He’s the cutest!
    • His favorite cologne
    • Honestly? He appreciates everything. Even a painting bought from the street vendor makes him so happy!
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    How would you describe him?

    • He’s adventurous. He loves traveling and meeting new people.
    • He’s a family guy. Good food sets his mood right every time.
    • He’s ambitious. He works hard to earn money and spends it on things that make him/loved ones happy.
    • He’s a sweetheart. Kindness and generosity ooze out from within.
  • Question of

    Does he live alone?

    • We live together
    • Yes there’s no one at his home
    • Can’t say
    • Living with his family/roommate
  • Question of

    Has he shared his life goals with you?

    • Yes, we talk about it almost every day. He wishes to travel the world someday.
    • Yup I know it all
    • Nope he’s reserved
    • Kind of maybe not all
  • Question of

    Describe his fashion sense?

    • Classy/Dapper
    • Casual
    • Trendy
    • Basic
  • Question of

    How do you guys usually spend Christmas?

    • Decorating the house/visiting places
    • Going on buffets/dates
    • We don’t spend the holidays together yet
    • Dinner with each other’s families
  • Question of

    What does Christmas mean to your partner?

    • It’s the holiday season when he can travel peacefully
    • Time to share love and food
    • Can’t say
    • Time to spoil yourself and loved ones with gifts
  • Question of

    How does he usually make up to you after a big fight?

    • Surprise me with a trip
    • Buys me lots of food and goodies
    • Takes me out on a date/ buys me something from my Wish list
    • Cooks for me
  • Question of

    Lastly, do you have a budget?

    • Nope, I’m going all out!
    • Not really
    • Doesn’t matter
    • Maybe around $50