What to Get Boyfriend for Christmas Quiz

What to Get Boyfriend for Christmas Quiz

Why are you taking the “what to get my boyfriend for Christmas” quiz?

Well, I know why.

Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to start getting gifts for your loved ones.

A sweater for mom, an iPod for dad, and, for the love of my life, I’m going to get a … gift?

Yes, the dreaded question, “what to get my boyfriend for Christmas?” is here again.

After all, he’s the person you spend most of your time with, so it’s only natural to find something special to gift him every year.

Well, worry not, as I’m here to help (as usual). Take this “what to get boyfriend for Christmas” quiz, and you’ll know exactly which gift to get for your man!

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    What can you say about your boyfriend?

    • He’s serious most of the time
    • He’s funny, usually the life of the party
    • It’s hard to catch up to him
    • He’s knowledgeable and poetic
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    What does your guy carry around?

    • Usually, a bunch of work-related documents
    • His smartphone or tablet
    • His sports bag
    • Usually, a book
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    Which item does your BF use the most out of these?

    • His computer
    • His phone
    • His dumbbells
    • His e-Reader
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    Is he a gym addict?

    • Nah
    • I wouldn’t call him a gym addict, but he’s fit
    • Yes, he likes working out all the time
    • Not really
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    What does your boyfriend do before going to sleep?

    • He usually responds to emails before hitting the sack
    • He checks his social media feeds
    • He goes for a run
    • He reads a book
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    What does your boyfriend represent for you?

    • A father
    • A brother
    • A friend
    • A lover
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    How does your man spend his time?

    • Working
    • Getting to know new people
    • Just chilling or working out
    • Studying, mostly
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    What’s his favorite hobby?

    • He doesn’t really have time for hobbies
    • Listening to music
    • Playing sports
    • Reading
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    How would you describe him in one word?

    • Practical
    • Trendy
    • Thrifty
    • Smart
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    Which does he prefer?

    • TV
    • Music
    • Movies
    • Books
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    Does your BF love exploring the great outdoors?

    • Nah
    • Sometimes
    • Yep
    • He’s a big fan of nature
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    Is your partner handy around the house?

    • He prefers hiring experts to take care of things
    • Yes, he is
    • It depends on the task on hand
    • I don’t think so
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    Where does he spend most of his time?

    • The office
    • The living room
    • The home gym
    • The garden
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    Did he hint at any gift?

    • No, he’s not that kind of guy
    • Well, he did mention a thing or two that he liked
    • I don’t remember
    • I don’t think so
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    Which activity does he usually prefer while on vacation?

    • Getting to know new useful acquaintances
    • Parties. Every. Single. Night.
    • He likes to try different restaurants
    • He likes visiting museums and stuff
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    What’s his main goal in life?

    • To build a successful career
    • To provide and care for his family
    • To become an expert in his field of work/study
    • To find himself
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    What would you like to gift him?

    • Something practical
    • Something fun or trendy
    • Something useful
    • Something that would show my love for him
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    How close are you?

    • 0-2/10
    • 3-5/10
    • 6-7/10
    • 8-10/10
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    What is he likely to say/do when he receives the gift?

    • He’ll probably just smile
    • I bet he’s going to scream (of joy, of course)
    • He’d thank me sincerely, for sure
    • He’d hug me, definitely
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    How much does he love sports?

    • He’s not a fan of sports
    • He likes watching games with his buddies, but mainly for the social aspect of it
    • He’s completely obsessed with sports
    • Not really
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    What’s his favorite music genre?

    • Blues
    • Pop
    • Rap
    • Jazz
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    What’s his favorite movie genre?

    • Drama
    • Rom-Com
    • Thriller/Action
    • Documentary
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    Did he get you something for your birthday?

    • He got me a stylish dress
    • He took me out for dinner
    • He got me flowers
    • He always gives me small gifts that make me super happy
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    Does your boyfriend love video games?

    • Nah, he doesn’t have time for such trivial things
    • Yes, he does, mainly multiplayer games
    • Yes
    • Nah
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    What does your BF do for a living?

    • He’s a professional (lawyer, doctor, teacher, etc.)
    • He works in retail/fast food/customer service
    • He’s a laborer because he cannot stand the idea of working in an office
    • He’s an office worker/still studying
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    Who does most of the cooking in the house?

    • He can’t cook
    • He’s the chef of the house
    • I’d say we both do our good share of cooking
    • Honestly, we eat out or order in most of the time
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    How would you describe your love life?

    • It’s okay
    • It’s great!
    • It’s explosive!
    • It’s good
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    How would you describe your man’s body type?

    • I’m not complaining!
    • Well, he’s fit alright
    • He’s a freaking Greek god!
    • He’s skinny
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    What would your guy do if you head to your parents’ house for Christmas?

    • He’d make a great impression
    • He’d be the life of the party (as always)
    • That’s a good question!
    • He’d be a bit shy at first then make me proud because of his brains
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    What’s your budget for this gift?

    • Money isn’t a problem
    • I’d say as little as possible
    • Maybe $10 to $30?
    • I haven’t set a budget yet