What Type of Dog Are You Quiz?

What Type of Dog Are You Quiz

Just as humans, dogs come with different traits and characteristics. While some are cozy cuddlers, others can be great adventure-buddies!

If you’re wondering, what kind of dog are you? All you need to do is take our What Type of Dog Are You Quiz!

Based on your honest answers, we’ll tell you what dog breed are you!

I bet you’re excited; let’s begin! Woof!

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    What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?

    • Something fun with the fam
    • Anything my family/friends/spouse likes
    • Parties/Beaches/Social Gatherings
    • Adventure
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    How would you describe yourself best?

    • Very open and friendly
    • Affectionate and caring
    • Kind and gentle
    • Patient and Fun-loving
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    How do you feel about learning a new skill?

    • Not trying to blow my own trumpet, but I’m pretty quick in picking up a new skill
    • I’m very open to learning a new skill
    • I love learning new skills
    • I find it difficult. But eventually, I get it!
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    Suppose you had an argument with someone at the gym. How would you react?

    • Me? And Arguments? Nah!
    • I only react if needed
    • Might say something I don’t really mean
    • Fist on the face!
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    What’s that one thing your friends/family don’t like about you?

    • Always in front of the mirror. Heh!
    • My nature to easily trust new people
    • Constant chit-chatting
    • Temper
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    Do you exercise? How many times per week?

    • Can’t live without it! Almost regularly.
    • 2-3 days a week
    • 4-5 days a week
    • I exercise regularly, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day
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    Beaches or Mountains?

    • Can I pick the Oceans, please?
    • Beaches, any day! Love water activities.
    • Both
    • Mountains. Can we go on a hike?
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    Be honest. Do you like being around kids and pets?

    • Yes, they’re adorable!
    • I don’t know about kids, but I’m great with dogs and cats!
    • I like being around everyone.
    • Hmmm, not really.
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    What kind of house do you like?

    • Any kind would do; I just need a spacious backyard!
    • Apartment
    • Cottage/Anything that is cozy and gives a homey-feeling
    • House? I love tents!
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    How do you spend your weekends?

    • Family time
    • Hang out with my significant other
    • Spend time with friends
    • Visiting the farmhouse/Hunting/Hiking