Does My Dog Know I Love Him or Her Quiz? This Quiz Will Tell You!

does my dog know I love her quiz

Dogs can be difficult to read, which is why you’re here looking at this does my dog know I love him or her quiz.

They may be man’s (and woman’s) best friend, but sadly they can’t tell you if you’re theirs.

Thankfully there are a lot of signs you can read in order to figure it out, and they’re all fairly obvious.

We understand how much this could worry a dog owner, so we’ve put this quick and easy quiz together to help you find out!.

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    Does your dog get excited when you come home?

    • They go crazy!
    • Yeah, they seem happy
    • A little, I guess
    • It’s like I’m not even there…
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    Does your dog like it when you pet them?

    • They can’t get enough!
    • Most of the time
    • Occasionally, but sometimes they don’t like it
    • They hate it when I touch them
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    Does your dog like playing with you?

    • They love it!
    • Yes, usually
    • Sometimes, but it’s hard to get them to play
    • They never want to
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    Does their tail wag when you’re around?

    • It sure does!
    • A lot of the time
    • Sometimes
    • No, it’s often down between their legs
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    Does your dog stare at you with a ‘smile’?

    • They do that a lot!
    • Yes, I notice it sometimes and they look happy
    • Occasionally. I HOPE that’s a smile…
    • They don’t make eye contact with me
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    Does your dog trust you enough to show its belly?

    • Yes! They always want tummy rubs!
    • They do fairly often
    • I’ve seen them do it a couple of times
    • Never
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    Does your dog lean against you?

    • I’m off balance most of the time!
    • Yes, quite often
    • They’ve done it once or twice
    • They’re never close enough
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    Does your dog ever sleep next to you?

    • They always want to be close to me when they sleep
    • They do a lot of the time
    • They do occasionally
    • They always want to sleep in the corner away from people
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    Are they okay with you being around their food?

    • They’re fine with it!
    • They seem to trust me
    • They don’t seem too happy about it…
    • No, they’re incredibly protective of it
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    Does your dog nudge you with its nose?

    • Yeah, they’ve always got their snout up in my biz!
    • They do sometimes
    • Not often
    • Nope…