When Will I Get a Boyfriend? Quiz – Take This To Find Out When!

When Will I Get A Boyfriend Quiz
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Tired of waiting for Mr. Right to show up in your life? That feeling can be overwhelming!

You know what; you’re not alone in this race!

There are several women out there who are just as anxious as you to meet that special someone.

We’ve helped them find their answers through our when will I get a boyfriend quiz. And next could be you!

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    What’s your age?

    • 20s
    • Teen
    • Early 30s
    • Late 20s
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    Have you been in a romantic relationship before?

    • Yup I have
    • Not really
    • Casual dates only
    • Yes, several times
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    How long have you been single?

    • Longer than I remember
    • All my life, I guess
    • More than a year
    • A couple of months
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    How do you usually behave on a first date?

    • Just be me
    • Do I have to behave a certain way?
    • Decent
    • Polite/open-minded (one shouldn’t be fake)
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    You exchanged numbers on the first date. The other person promised they’d call back but failed to do so. What would you do?

    • Casually call them (if I really like this person)
    • Get mad at them and start bad-mouthing about them
    • Call it quits
    • Wait for several weeks before I call them and ask what’s going on
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    What do you usually feel when talking to a guy for the first time?

    • Confident
    • Hmmm, I don’t talk to guys
    • Nervous, but I gather myself pretty quickly
    • Shy at first
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    Choose an activity that you’d love to do with your boyfriend?

    • Cook meals together
    • Go to the movies and parties
    • Attend family gatherings together
    • Go on a hike or something
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    What’s that one quality you’re looking for in a man?

    • Maturity
    • Good looks
    • Good sense of humor
    • Ambitious
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    Is there anyone you have a crush on currently?

    • Kind of
    • Yes, several. But do they like me back?
    • Not really
    • Yes, I recently started talking to someone nice
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    What kind of relationship do you want your boyfriend to have with your family/friends?

    • They should be close and comfortable
    • I haven’t thought about that yet
    • My friends and family should like him, and vice versa
    • Friendly