Am I Ready For A Relationship? Quiz – Find Out Here!

Am I Ready For A Relationship Quiz

Are you at the phase where you’ve achieved almost everything you ever wanted? Now all there’s left to do is find a companion for a lifetime!

Or, perhaps you finally feel like you’ve moved on from your previous relationship. Now, you want to explore your love life a little more.

Whatever the scene looks like for you, you can expect to find the answers with us!

Take our reliable Am I Ready For A Relationship Quiz and we’ll help you find out if you’re really ready for one.

  • Question of

    Have you ever been in a serious relationship before? When did it end?

    • Yes. It’s been more than a year since then.
    • Nope.
    • Yes, a couple of times. It ended some months back.
    • I can’t say.
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    What do you usually do on weekends?

    • Unwind and relax. Be at home.
    • Go out with friends.
    • Spend time with family
    • Usually, travel
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    What’s your take on self-love?

    • Love yourself first. Only then can you love someone else!
    • It’s important
    • Still learning to love me as I am.
    • I struggle with self-love.
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    How much do you enjoy your own company?

    • 100%
    • About 80%
    • About 50%
    • 10-20%
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    What are you looking for in a relationship?

    • Companionship
    • Loyalty
    • Love
    • Fun
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    Why do you want to get into a relationship now? Be honest!

    • To be loved for who I am. Have a lifelong partner.
    • I need a support system.
    • To have someone I can call mine.
    • To go on dates, parties, travel.
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    A friend set you up on a date. What would you wear?

    • The usuals. Something that reveals my true personality.
    • Something comfortable.
    • Something that flatters my figure.
    • Something sexy and gorgeous.
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    Do you know yourself? How well?

    • Yes, 100%
    • Yes, around 90%
    • I do know myself, but I am still learning
    • Yet to figure out myself
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    Are you well settled in life?

    • Yes, I’m all set with my career.
    • I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
    • Kind of.
    • Long way to go.
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    You found the love of your life. Sadly, in a couple of weeks, he/she needs to move out of the city for their dream job. How do you react?

    • I feel extremely happy for them.
    • Support them.
    • Discuss and decide what’s best for us
    • Break up