When Will I Get Married Quiz Find Out Now!

When Will I Get Married Quiz

Do you feel like you’ve crossed the ideal ‘marriage’ age? Or maybe, you’re nearing what everybody calls the ‘right stage to get married.’

At what age will I get married? How old will you be when you get married? Will I ever get my wedding? – These are some questions that may be hovering in your mind.

And guess what! There are many others pondering on the same questions.

You can take our accurate When Will I Get Married Quiz to figure out when you’ll tie the knot to the love of your life!

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    Let’s get this out of the way first: What’s your current age?

    • Teenage
    • The early 20s
    • Late 20s-Early 30s
    • Over 34
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    Do you want to be successful first, then get married?

    • I didn’t think about that
    • Of course
    • Not really
    • I’m already successful; all there’s left to do is tie the knot! Lol
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    Forget about society’s ‘ideal marriage age’! When do YOU wish to get married?

    • Early 20s. I love the idea of a young marriage!
    • Late 20s, when I am matured enough but still haven’t lost my youth
    • Early 30s, when I’m wiser
    • In my late 30s, when I’m independent and stable
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    Imagine this – You’ve been single for a really long time. Your friend sets you up with a potential partner. How would you react when you meet them?

    • Be excited
    • Party hard
    • Try to get to know this person
    • Talk to this person and think in my mind if I can see a future with them
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    What do you look for in an ideal life partner?

    • Adventurous/Funny
    • Ambitious/Hard Working
    • Loving/Grounded
    • Successful/Wise/Loyal
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    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    • Graduating/get a good job
    • Married and living my best life
    • Surrounded by babies (of course mine, haha)
    • Reaping the fruits of my hard-work
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    What’s your favorite honeymoon destination?

    • Vegas
    • Bali
    • Greece
    • Hawaii
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    Are you committed to anybody now?

    • Just committed to my books!
    • In a casual relationship
    • Yes, and we’re pretty serious
    • Nope, hard luck! Can’t find the right person
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    You find someone cute at your friend’s party. What would you do?

    • Make a move, probably use the eye contact trick!
    • Nothing
    • Ask more details about this person from my friend
    • Ask my friend to set us up
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    Are you really ready for marriage?

    • Not now
    • If I find the right person, I’ll think about it
    • Yes
    • I’ve been ready for the longest time