Wondering which digital currencies to invest in? Try this quiz!

Which cryptocurrency should I invest in quiz

If you have been asking yourself which digital currency should you invest in, there isn’t a correct answer to this question and no correct financial advice.

There are different types of crypto on the market, and it can be challenging to pick one.

Cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile, but if you are willing to take the risk, first make sure you understand what you are investing in and have a crypto investment strategy.

Take this which cryptocurrency should I invest in quiz? to find out which coin would be profitable for your personal finance!

  • Question of

    Do you know what Blockchain technology is?

    • Yes, I do. I have been following cryptocurrency news for a while now, and how are cryptocurrencies built.
    • I am not sure, but I am willing to learn
    • No, I do no
    • I only care about real money. I don’ want to lose money.
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    Do you know what does holding a token means?

    • Yes, that is self-explanatory.
    • What is a token? Is it Bitcoin?
    • All I know is that you buy and sell cryptocurrency
    • I am just interested in a token I can keep as an investment
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    Are you aware that almost every other day there is a new crypto currency being made?

    • Yes, there are too many crypto coins to choose from, which is why I’m confused about which one to buy. Maybe Bitcoin.
    • I didn’t think that every other day there is a new cryptocurrency, but I know there are many digital assets to choose from
    • I thought new cryptocurrency springs up once in a while. It would be a good investment. I should buy cryptocurrencies.
    • Didn’t they stop making digital money already?
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    Are you aware of the crypto buying crypto?

    • Yes, I am
    • I know there are some basic things you need to have before you can buy cryptocurrency.
    • Don’t I find cryptocurrency online? On Crypto market
    • I thought you buy cryptocurrency from someone who sells it. Or that they are cryptocurrency exchanges.
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    Did you know that you cannot purchase cryptocurrency in some countries as it is illegal?

    • Yes, I do. Buying cryptocurrency in Egypt, for example, is illegal.
    • In some countries, it’s just tricky to buy cryptocurrency thanks to their currencies, not illegal.
    • Isn’t crypto a worldwide cryptocurrency
    • No, I didn’t
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    Do you want to trade crypto?

    • I want to learn how to. What is the trading volume?
    • I need to familiarize myself with what that term means
    • I will look for someone to manage my first cryptocurrency for me
    • I want to buy bitcoin because it’s the in-thing
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    Do you know which cryptocurrency started as a joke and gained popularity?

    • That is obvious it’s in the name of the coin
    • That was the original cryptocurrency?
    • Yes, I do
    • No, I didn’t
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    Did you know that there are additional charges to be paid when buying Bitcoin and other digital currencies?

    • Yes, I did
    • Does this apply when buying from someone else?
    • Do you mean tax?
    • Isn’t buying crypto-like buying on Amazon?
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    Are you aware that cryptocurrency uses electricity?

    • Yes, I do, a lot of electricity.
    • It is done with computers after all, so electricity is involved somehow
    • I know nothing about electricity, but I know programmers can make cryptocurrency
    • No, I don’t
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    Can you identify some logos of crypto?

    • Of course, I can. Bitcoin and Ethereum and some new cryptocurrencies
    • Only a few
    • I have seen a few logos, but I’m not sure I would identify them correctly
    • Nope I cannot