Travel Right With Which European City Should You Visit Quiz

Which European City Should You Visit Quiz

Europe is one of the most favorite travel destinations in the world. There are just too many beautiful places for you to visit.

Getting a Visa is easy, and you can get around to almost any city by train.

So, where does your heart want to go this vacation season?

Take this “Which European City Should You Visit Quiz” to find out the perfect city for you to go to.

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    Why do you want to travel?

    • To have a fun time exploring
    • To sightsee and visit tourist spots
    • To rejuvenate and relax
    • To learn about the place
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    Where do you want to stay?

    • In a hostel or pocket-friendly accommodation
    • In a hotel with average amenities
    • In a boutique hotel with luxury services
    • In a bed and breakfast
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    Which European country do you see yourself live for the rest of your life?

    • I can imagine living in the Swiss alps for the rest of my life
    • I can see myself living with the English my entire life
    • I think Spain is my ultimate destination for life
    • Italy has always fascinated me
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    What is the best view you can imagine when you open the windows of your hotel room?

    • Valleys and long pine trees
    • Tall buildings and mind-blowing architecture
    • View of the sea
    • River and boats
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    Which of these words are you familiar with?

    • Grüezi mitenand
    • Guten Morgen
    • Buenos días
    • Buon giorno
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    How much money are you ready to spend on your trip?

    • As cheap as possible
    • I can afford a medium range trip
    • I don’t have any spending limit
    • I don’t mind spending a little more than my budget
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    How long are you willing to travel?

    • A few weeks
    • A few days
    • A weekend
    • A month at least
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    Which is your most favorites season to travel in?

    • The nature looks lovely in Spring
    • Fall is perfect for me
    • I love summers only
    • Any season is okay for me
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    Which job would you choose if you were to choose from amongst the four below?

    • A YouTube travel vlogger
    • A writer
    • A cafe owner
    • A fashion designer
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    Which is your favorite luxury brand?

    • Rolex is a mood
    • I can live in Hugo Boss
    • I am a Balenciaga fan
    • Versace can be my go-to