Plan Ahead – What City Should You Travel To First In 2022 Quiz

What City Should You Travel To First In 2022 Quiz

Fresh out of the worldwide lock downs and the pandemic, travelling is high on many lists for the year 2022. Do you miss travelling?.

Are there just way too many places you want to visit? Can’t make up your mind?

Here, take our “what city should you travel to first in 2022?” quiz.

Identify where your heart wants to go first among all those places you have short-listed.

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    What do you like to do when you travel?

    • Visit museums or historical buildings
    • Observe the local lifestyle and culture
    • Just relax and enjoy the stay
    • Explore new places and activities
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    Who do you like travelling with?

    • My family only
    • I love traveling solo
    • My partner for sure
    • A bunch of friends
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    Which kind of place do you want to visit?

    • Somewhere with lots of tourist spot
    • A village or a small town with less crowd
    • A beach with lovely sunsets
    • Any place adventurous place
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    Where do you like to eat when you travel?

    • Famous restaurants of the town
    • Local authentic food
    • Fine dining restaurants only
    • All sorts of eateries
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    How do you like to spend your leisure time during vacations?

    • Buy souvenirs from tourist shops
    • Watch people at local markets
    • Get a spa or massage done
    • Go for walks exploring the city
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    What scares you the most while travelling?

    • Not reaching airport on time
    • Safety and security
    • Bad services and limited amenities
    • Not being able to do as many things I’d love to
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    What kind of vibe do you prefer on a destination?

    • Hustle and bustle of a busy city
    • Homely, calm and quaint
    • No disturbances, it should be rejuvenating
    • Just take me anywhere, I don’t mind
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    How long do you want the vacation to last?

    • 4-5 days maximum
    • 2 to 3 weeks for sure
    • 10 days or lesser
    • A weekend or little more
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    How would you like to travel?

    • Any mode of transportation
    • Walk or cycle
    • Car with chauffeur
    • Public transportation
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    What is your estimated budget?

    • I don’t mind spending a little extra than my budget
    • As cheap as possible
    • I want luxurious experience with the finest services so I don’t mind splurging
    • I’m ready to spend according to the destination and activities