Find Out: Which Hawaiian Island To Visit Quiz?

Which Hawaiian Island Should You Visit Quiz?

You can never go wrong with Hawaii. The mesmerizing beaches, volcanic landscapes, gigantic waterfalls, and romantic sunsets – the more you explore, the more you fall in love with this place.

Approximately, 132 Islands there are  out there.

And while we’d love to visit all of them, it’s rather a far-fetched dream for many.

But if you had this one golden opportunity to visit one of these places, which one would you pick? Take this Which Hawaiian Island To Visit Quiz, and find out for yourself!

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    What’s your ideal vacation day set up?

    • Hiking with friends and family
    • Something adventurous like taking a helicopter tour/attending a fun festival
    • I love to be near waterfalls/ long drives.
    • I’m a beach bum. So, definitely on the beach with my loved ones.
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    Taking a trip to Hawaii? What’s the occasion?

    • Have an adventurous time
    • Taking a relaxation break from the hustle and bustle of city life
    • Anniversary with boo
    • Family getaway
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    What’s your preferred way of learning about the culture of the island?

    • Take a complete view of the island from above ground
    • Talk with the locals
    • Visit the ancient temples and holy places
    • Check out monuments and museums
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    Do you love water play? Which activity would you choose?

    • Kayaking/ Paddle Boarding
    • Sitting in Boat
    • Snorkeling/Diving
    • Surfing
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    What’s your perfect out-of-the-window view?

    • Large mountains, lush greenery
    • I’m a sucker for palm trees
    • Beaches
    • Honestly? Any view would do. I don’t even mind watching people having fun from my window.
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    Assuming you’re traveling with someone, who is your travel buddy?

    • Friends
    • Bff
    • Partner/Lover/Spouse
    • Family/ Kids
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    How would you describe yourself?

    • Adventurous
    • Fun-loving/Foodie
    • Romantic
    • Outdoorsy
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    What do you love most about Hawaii?

    • Outdoor activities
    • Delicious Vegan Food
    • Rich History
    • Mesmerizing Scenery
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    Where would you like to stay on vacation?

    • Tents/ Air BnB
    • Resorts/Inns
    • Beach hotels/private villa
    • Luxury Hotels
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    What’s that one thing you have to take with you on vacation?

    • Backpack (for all my survival kits, lol)
    • Sunglasses, for the sunny days!
    • Camera, need some Instagram-worthy pictures
    • Phone, can’t survive without it